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    Great news cannot wait. I do a lot of renders and animations for TV shows and talk shows (stage and set design) and to finally have an app that does interiors animations as well as Enscape does is a godsend, things can only get better.

    I am struggling to get good and correct exterior glass reflections, either they are blurry or they are mirrors, see attached animation.

    What is up with water? if I use a skybox/HDRi then water does not animate, when I only use Enscape sky then it does, see end clip of animation, it's only Enscape sky and the water appears to animate, yet all other clips where an HDRi is used it does not animate, is this a known bug?

    Yup, I have the same problem, here are two images, ones has a skybox and the other just regular Enscape sky, the skybox version reflects the hdri (exterior) even though it's an interior and the sky version reflects the outside sky thus glowing. This needs a solution.

    Obviously, Revit and Sketchup integrations are pretty far apart at the moment, I was wondering if there is a dedicated Sketchup team or are the same people working on Enscape for revit as the ones working with Sketchup?

    How about a separate forum, one for Sketchup and the other for Revit?

    Is there a roadmap of development for the Sketchup integration?

    What are the goals Enscape wants to achieve, is it more towards the VR market or the animation market? I ask this as it would give clarity to many folk who think long term when purchasing a product,?

    Will vegetation proxy's be a future option, or how do you plan to deal with vegetation going forward?

    When will lights and a material editor be available for the Sketchup version?

    I understand you all in Germany, will you have support 24 hours when things get busy?

    Material editing is not available yet, however there are named presets you can use, add words to the material name like : Glass, metal, plastic, acryl, aluminum, copper, carpaint etc to give it basic reflections, shine etc.


    Just curious - did your trial period expire?

    Also, on the latest version, when you create a video do you see the progress bar? I am not seeing it any more.


    Got 3 days left.

    I had that issue too, I closed SU, reopened and it worked again.

    Now I cannot get Enscape to even install, keeps telling me to uninstall, close and re-instal, even after I do exactly that.

    So I guess the 3 days left is useless if it does not actually work, back to work I go, playing was fun.

    Having a lot of fun with this very basic alpha version, however, there are so many features needed.

    I must say Enscape does interior GI better than LumenRT (who are AWOL since Bentley bought them) Twinmotion and Lumion so far in my tests. Interior GI is y'all can get it right will be the one thing that will attract those users.

    So when do we get lights? emitters?, better control of materials?

    My alpha trial is up in 4 days, any chance to extend it?

    How does one insert a youTube video into forum post?