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    It really is a pity animated objects are so difficult for Enscape, I work on previz on many TV shows and animated storyboards require animated objects which forces me to use a known overpriced software that is clunky to use. I hope y'all can figure this out soon.

    Hey guys

    Any update on this? The reason i ask is I need to plan my annual business costs and software is a part of it, for my work I need this feature and do know there are products out there that have it, but I love Enscape and prefer to renew unless this is not available at time of renewal. Is this something y'all are actively working on and if so will it be available soon?

    The more we use enscape, the more we like it.

    It is a shame its pinned to such a low end program like sketchup.

    Sketchup has its uses of course and its a great tool and a certain level, but enscape pushes that way beyond what sketchup is designed for.

    You have no clue how powerful Sketchup is in the hands of a talented artist, I'd wager they would surpass anything you will ever achieve with any software of your choosing.

    I use Thea render and Enscape, Enscape is very versatile and can be used for most projects however there are times I need photo real with accurate reflections, vast scattered vegetation, sub surface scattering, global medium, real glass materials etc, this is where I use a true render app. Enscape is a lot of good things, just not yet on that level.

    When I click on the feedback button, what information gets shared?

    I am having a few issues with a model that will not render, just a black screen and no progress on the render bar, I do need help but have a very strict NDA with a media company that I cannot share the model or anything about it, so what does get shared?

    Thank you for those fantastic palms and potted tropical plants, I was in a rush to get animation story boards for an upcoming reality show based on an island and decided to see what was in the asset folders which I never really looked at as I use my own made assets. I needed palms and anything tropical, was I happy to see what you had, made my week.

    Thanks, and once I can show you , after it airs, I will.

    I am almost certain I have seen this request on Trello, I would really like to be able to have layers work with animations (hide and unhide).

    Is this something that is possible in a future release? I ask this I I'm trying to set my expectations.

    Ah, user error, I indeed did delete it, well actually just moved it to a new HDD, Restored it to my Documents folder and it did not show up, oh dear, I may have screwed myself. A system restart fixed it, phew! Thanks.

    You're right in that regard, I apologize for that Solo, for the mis-judgement there and for in accurately pointing to past problems, i was definitely mistaken. I was also probably a bit harsh. But I stand by my initial point that I think its inappropriate to lash out at the devs who work very hard on this product because a feature has not been implemented yet.

    No problem, I understand, I have been on so many software forums for products I use or test and I do have a lot to say and problems I report that it's easy to assume by my earlier post that I am an abrasive member, my tone was out of line I must admit now that I look back and I apologize to the devs for lashing out.

    so,.... when can I expect my animated textures? :p

    So does the animated water seem like a gimmick too?

    Constructive posting? from what stand point a user or a developer? It's not like I get this program for free and just whimsically asked for a cool feature, I need this feature and would even be willing to pay someone to develop it, or pay more for it, if I get my needs so do many users, that is how development works, you should know. I am vocal as my livelihood depends on this software, it's important to my business, sorry you feel so offended, I'm not sorry for my actions and will still push for this feature.