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    You used to do this in the V-Ray for SketchUp forums too. If a feature request you made or comment you posted, wasn't responded to fast enough for your liking you would get bent out of shape. You're not the only one who does this kind of stuff, but your comment caught my eye today.

    Ted, please show me where I did this, I do not even use Vray, never owned it, only tried it as a trial more than 10 years ago, I was using Podium and Vue at the time, you may have me mixed up with someone else, or remember me as a global moderator at Sketchucation where many users were frustrated at Vray at that time.

    Animated textures is not really a unique feature, pretty sure many users would like to have a TV playing in their videos, some may even need a real fire in the fireplace. I have many uses for this feature. Communication regarding this would have been a lot better than just constant acknowledgement and no action is my whole "hissy-fit" point.

    Solo you just hit the nail on the head when you said "...something my workflow desperately needs". Your workflow is not every bodies workflow and while this would be a great feature to have, its clearly not a high priority for the dev. team who is developing for a community, not you alone. I think you need to adjust your expectations for all software, not just Enscape.

    This is going to sound terrible and self serving but my "hissy-fit" as you call it is all about MY workflow, this is a feature I need, I even started this self serving thread, all I needed was some sort of indication that my request was not inline with the development plans and I'd have accepted it and figured something else out, but I have been hopeful for over a year only to hear it's not happening. "you need to adjust your expectations for all software, not just Enscape" what does that even mean?

    You're always welcome to go use another product if you don't like the direction this one is headed. Throwing a hissy-fit in the forums because your feature request hasn't been completed yet doesn't help anybody.

    I use several products daily, I'm a production artist, previz, story boards etc. you may feel i'm having a "hissy-fit" but to me this is a critical feature that is available in Lumion that I also have but then i lose my fluid workflow that Enscape clearly has an advantage over Lumion. I'm upset as I feel that we have been waiting for something my workflow desperately needs and hoping for over a year that maybe, just maybe it will be included in the next release only to find out that it's not even on the radar, which had I known I could have adjusted my expectations.

    Well then, I see no point in making requests, I have been waiting for a year, you could have said something a long time ago. pretty shitty that y'all kept lying about noting another plus one, what for? you have no intentions to add this anyway, wasting my time.

    So, it has been well over a year since this request and many users agree that this is needed. Has the Enscape team done anything beside acknowledging?

    Is this actually being implemented? to some users this will be a "nice" added feature and others it's a must have, I'm the latter and need to make decisions when renewing licences, so please can I get some sort of indication about this feature?

    Firstly, thank you for the vegetation library, I never thought I'd use it much as I had my own library but I have and love the tropical vegetation which I use a lot.

    What I need if possible is more flower beds, groupings of flowers in different colors, a easy and fast way to fill a flower bed is needed, currently I import from my library and once filled I make the bed an Enscape proxy to keep polys low, it's a time killer so if possible bunches or flowers that can be easily placed would be awesome.


    I'm so desperate for this that I even had to abandon Enscape halfway through a project because the client needed an animated material,

    See big monitors, they need their animated logo in video, currently I can only use clips for stills.

    If we can get an opacity slider for water, I believe it will help a lot, and maybe in future we can use an image based water?

    Emissive material on the bottom, glass material with bump map on the water surface?

    On a large pool with several lights and building around it becomes a problem as the spot or sphere light you used shines on buildings lighting them up, I only want the light to stay contained on water surface.

    I feel like I'm becoming a pain, I keep posting issues, sorry.

    Today I tried adding sun brightness to an hdr with fog on, was hoping for a hazy sunset but got some crazy result, kinda awesome but my client may not agree.

    I cannot share the model, I also cannot reproduce the exact animation as when this was done we only had limited animation options and Enscape does not save it's settings with models and I do so many projects that if I was to save every Enscape setup for every project I'd have thousands of presets and that is just silly.

    However, here are two tests, one is the face me dinosaur, it's also an emitter in the original, material settings are exactly the same, but now it behaves completely different.

    Now the hosts, this time I used a light and not emitting materials material, but the shadow bug appeared.