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    I really need to create light beam effects, something that I have failed at until now.

    This is what effect i need to achieve:

    I have tried alpha masked png's but Enscape does not like emitter billboards, I cannot seem to achieve a satisfactory result, has anyone succeeded in something similar?

    Firstly this thread is very natural, developers should be more concerned if a thread like this does not happen, with every release there will be acceptance, praise, disappointment and rejection, no company can make everyone happy at the same time. This release makes more people happy than it disappoints as it does include a very nice and growing library of assets and one can clearly see Enscape is a progressing software with a hard working team behind it. I'm a daily user, a "power user" I guess, my needs are different than the average user, it does not make my opinions more important as I'm just one of many users, but my voice and a few other dissenters here serve Enscape as a checks and balance, discussions like this are healthy for growth and direction.

    Secondly, Enscape has come such a far way and pretty fast too, I remember the first SU version that lacked pretty much everything, no material editor or emitters, animation was a single path only, and we like this rate of improvement, one of the endearing qualities of Enscape is their attention and participation.

    I also need to understand there are users unlike me that need an asset library, I may have years of collected assets but the average user may not.

    So in conclusion, both opinions are valid just the fact that you took the time to express them serves Enscape and every non participant user. Enscape has come a long way, lets keep them on that track with both praise and accountability.

    I have a long list of bugs and wishes, been with Enscape from the very first Sketchup version, I have come to the realization that Enscape is all about VR first, everything else is secondary, I have to pony up and get the new L9 if I want my needs fulfilled, or I can make a request on trello and hope the features lotto favors me. I too am disappointed that the new version is just an extended library I do not need and none of my bugs and issues were addressed.

    Has this been fixed yet? I am having issues with face me components not displaying correctly

    here is the Sketchup face-me component:

    And this is how it shows in Enscape, unacceptable:

    What is even worst is that they display opposite to the model.

    This is the direction in SU:

    But in Enscape, it goes in opposite direction:

    How about having more options besides white background until then, how about a black, or a choice of background colors until a better solution like a customized background becomes an option?

    ^^^^ What he said,

    There are so many scenarios where a seperate back plate is needed independent of the HDRI, it's not like I'm asking for something unique, it's a standard feature of most if not all half decent render software's.

    wait until my next crazy request, a shadow catcher, I'll leave that for another thread.

    I desperately need to be able to use a Skybox for lighting and reflections but also use a background that is NOT the skybox, wondering if I could get a second channel just for a background image?

    Similar to every render engine, or if that is not possible then I'd like to have a flat color background enabled while skybox is present, currently I need to use geometry to create this but it really gets in the way

    I imagine it' probably a challenge because every program (sketchup, revit, rhino,...) probably has a different way to save data (if it's even possible over their api's).

    I do know that it is possible with SU as all render plugins can do it as well as all other plugins like skatter, animator, MSPhysics etc.

    I'm getting concerned that y'all have spread yourselves too thin now, trying to be on too many platforms that you may be neglecting your existing platforms, just like the simple request of saving Enscape settings on exit has been a huge issue and still is, yet only answer we get is it's on a list of to be done, really? it's a massive problem that is lost on a list.

    What is the roadmap for Enscape for SU? Have not seen much updates in a while and many concerns seem to be forgotten or dropped on the list of importance.

    I created presets for day, night, dusk, dawn, interiors etc until a real solution can be found, it is very frustrating and frankly mystifying as to what is so difficult about saving a model with info about setups, every other software I use can, heck SU can even remember my scatter setup on opening, is there something I do not know as to the difficulty to impose such a seamingly simple request?

    I'm afraid, there is currently simply not enough demand for it. This may of course change in the future and I hope for your understanding.

    That's too bad. I guess my request is not universal, so I'm stuck with you know what software until then

    A funny thing is happening, Enscape seems to have a problem with jpg image textures, see these two images.

    This one has a jpg material on middle building and it's just a mess.

    This one has a png material (converted the jpg to png)

    Is this a bug?

    Here is the jpg if you need to test it.