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    I am using the most current preview version, I am trying to export a movie clip as mp4 but that option is not available, only a .png image sequence, is this a problem on my side or something broken?

    I have the latest preview version, but it's not loading, I have been waiting more than 10 minutes for scene to load and it's not a big scene.

    I'm having a tough time trying to figure out how to fix an issue, I'm getting splotchy artifacts on a low light interior render.

    I have tried using natural sky and HDRI with same issue, what is causing this?

    I'm running an AMD Ryzen 1800x and x ti's with updated drivers

    I was thinking similar to how Render engine plugins work, they keep all details with the skp files, so when you open a previously saved model you just start the render app and hit render, it remembers your past settings.

    I love Enscape, it's so fast and such a joy to use, but, and there is only one but, I hate having to save all models as a preset and hunting for them when I open the model and Enscape again, is there any way to save all my settings with the Sketchup model?

    I have not made an animation in a month, today i tried to set one up but all controls are different, how does one adjust clip speed and lengths? Is there a tutorial for new settings? or can someone tell me where camera speed settings are now located?

    I cannot change the animation from 7mins 53 seconds, why that amount?

    Just fired up Enscape after installing new update, is there a tutorial on how the animation works now? I cannot figure it out any more.

    I tried that but no go, even if I set it for 2nd card Enscape still uses primary GPU

    In Thea settings there is an option to use either or all GPU's which is so convenient without fiddling with display controls.

    I have been getting this a lot in the last two days.

    What happens is the materials get all messed up in the Enscape window, I believe I have found the culprit in the model I am using, Proxy's, when I delete them then materials work just fine (after restarting Enscape) Hope this helps

    I cannot share any part of the model as Amazon and Marvel own the assets. When I get a chance I'll see if I can create it again with another model. I can privately share the video however.

    Plugin Version: 2.218115.2200

    Enscape version: 2.2.3710.gbfa357f

    I sorely need the ability to create hidden emitters, I know point lights are hidden but they are just a point light and have one bright source, I need to create a plane, and be able to make it an emitter that gives off light but is not physically visible, most render engines have this, great for lighting up a room that has no windows without adding a ton of lights.