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    Hi all,

    We are using Enscape on our MEP project for coordination and placing of lighting fixtures accurately. At present the enscape model looks very pretty but does not portray the correct lighting profile given from the manufacturers .ies (Photometric web) file.

    When we turn off the self illuminating material within the lighting family and allow it to only illuminate with the .ies file, it doesnt illuminate.

    Is this a setting i have missed or a feature you are working on to develop in future? This would be an amazing feature as it would operate an industry leader in real time lighting design workflow.

    Thanks, Andrew

    A really useful feature would be to see "Selective" data that has been assigned to a family.

    I'd see it as a pop up window that appears on the object when in enscape, and it retreives data from its families parameters. eg, Air conditioning unit, show all schedule information about it.

    This would be a good way to review data rather than just in a table.