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    Agree with others about the old view list setup. We have a large new healthcare facility with multiple users, linked files, worksets, entourage, etc. We were using one view as kind of our "launch" view for enscape that had all the correct settings and filters applied, items hidden, etc. And then we would navigate to our view list from the view selector. We could setup a view template from the original launch view and apply that to all our new views. But again, wouldn't want to take the time to reload the geometry every time. At first, I thought that it may even be setup to let you "disable live" and then still be able to use the preset views without reloading. But I learned that was not the case either. I know there are a lot of pros and cons either way, but would really love to see some version of this capability come back if possible. I will be recommending we hold our firms upgrade at 2.9 for large projects like this, at least for our current workflow. But maybe we can test on smaller projects to look for other benefits with that method. Many of the other improvements are great, so keep up the good work! And thanks for continuing to forge ahead!

    Glad I finally found this thread. I thought I was loosing my mind trying to figure out what was causing the freeze. I assumed it was not Enscape because it happened a few times even with Enscape closed. But I am running the same setup: Revit 2019, Enscape 2.8, and BIM 360 hosted models. It started happening pretty soon after I installed the 2.8 preview build. But it wasn't immediate so I didn't think it was directly connected to Enscape. However, that was all that had changed on my system so I rolled back to the 2.8 standard version to see if that fixed it. And it has still been happening randomly since then. Rolling back to 2.7 seems to have fixed the issue for now. Hate to lose the new features, but can't afford to force quite and reopen the model 100 times a day after each sync.