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    Update: This issue just shows up more using linked projects it likely already exists for single projects as well but is less visible. Anyhow we are looking into a fix for this right now. We'll try to include this within a service pack of some sort for 3.2

    Thanks for looking into this Christian! This has been a feature we’ve been looking forward to. let me know if I could be of any further help!

    To your point Pieter, isn't the toggle already in the Batch Rendering dialog? And when off, it turns transparent, I think that's easy enough to understand.

    But I agree with your other points

    mahammed I've read your comment twice and I don't understand the question. What are you trying to accomplish?

    Guess I'll explain again. So we often export 80-100 renders at the same time for a fairly specific reason (we upload these renders into a 360 viewer which we can embed into webpages. So essentially we're rendering a 360 video frame by frame. And no, for our use case, we can't use Pano's).

    So within this workflow, we have no need to re-export geometries from Revit for each render, since all of the settings, time of day, exposure, etc. remains the same for each of the 80 renders.

    In 2.6 and earlier, we would load up Enscape, set all of the lighting, TOD, etc to what we want and then batch render all 80 renders. This would take maybe 15 minutes.

    With 2.7 and onward, every render within a batch is reloaded from Revit into Enscape. So this is similar to closing and reopening Enscape 80 times... So our render times for these 80 renders went from 15 mins to sometimes 3-4 hours depending on the model complexity.

    I understand how this may be useful if for example, we have 15 renders, all with vastly different settings. But for our workflow and what we need, this has been and continues to be a huge issue. And I'm not the only one.

    What we suggested was implementing a toggle which turns this off. This was implemented in the latest update but for some reason, at least for me, turning the toggle on or off has absolutely no effect on whether or not Revit exports geometries each of the 80 times.

    Just wanted to say that with Enscape 3.2, it does indeed add a toggle button for Exporting Geometries in Revit. However, for batch rendering this still seems to be an issue. Even with Export Geometries turned off. It still exports the view for each of my 80 renders I'm trying to get out. Incredibly frustrating having to use 2.6 still and miss out on a lot of the newer features...

    For some reason, on Enscape 3.1, decal cutouts in Revit appear to be tiled and at an incorrect scale. The base image seems to be correct but the decal shows up pretty strange. I had my coworker who uses Enscape 2.6 run the same render and his turned out fine. Leading me to believe it's either a problem with my computer/Revit install/or Enscape 3.1.

    Bump, we're still using 2.6 at our office due to this issue alone

    Just tested it with 81 images rendered at 4k. Enscape 2.6 took exactly 12 minutes. Enscape 3.0 on the other hand... got through 22/81 renders over a span of 45 minutes before I finally shut it down....

    So I've been wondering if anyone has figured out a way to do virtual "point-and-click" walkthroughs through Enscape. Similar to what you would see on some apartment rental websites. Enscape's web standalone feature is unfortunately super clunky on most clients' computers and have bad load times. At the very least does someone know a web plugin that can string together panoramas so clients can freely move from point to point within the building?

    Do you need 4k? 2k may render in 1/4 the time.

    Also have you stepped back and considered that rendering 4k images in 1 to 1 1/2 minutes is amazingly fast? Like how much faster should we reasonably expect it to take to render a 4k image? 30 seconds? 10 seconds? Less?

    How does Enscape render speed, quality, ease of use and price compare to other applications?

    I think you're missing my point. What I'm saying is that rendering resolution on my computer doesn't change render times by all that much, maybe a few seconds here or there. My issue is with the way Enscape integrates with Revit. Where it has to reload the entire model into Enscape for every render it does in a Batch. Whereas before, this wasnt the case.

    So before, it would load the model once (roughly 1-5 mins depending on the model), then would take maybe 4 seconds to render each of the 150 renders at 4K.

    Now it reloads the model into Enscape 150 times... so my overall render time went from 10-20mins to 2.5 HOURS at the bare minimum, usually upwards of 5 hours.

    That's my issue, and that's why I'm frustrated

    Re-opened it! Seems like the original poster set this to resolved. Even though we do not see this as a bug at the moment I'll gladly discuss this matter once more internally to see what we can do.

    Didn't mean to set this to resolved! This is still a huge concern in our workflow here at the firm I work at. We're still running 2.6 due to this issue alone.

    30 views in a few minutes vs 5-10 times longer isn't very specific. For example 30 views in 2 minutes vs. 10-15 minutes IMO is worth the wait for the ability for each view to render with respect to view properties. In previous versions if you wanted to render views with different view settings you would have to manually make each view the active document and then select the render button. To do this for 30 views was a very tedious process probably taking nearly an hour. Now it is much faster taking only 10 minutes.

    I'm a little late coming back to this. As others have said, you're right, under some scenarios the new batch rendering works great. But for some workflows, like at the firm I work for, we sometimes need up to 150 views, all with the same exact view settings. So in our case, this went from a half an hour process to over 3-4 hours.... and this is on a $7,000 render computer...

    I think all we need is a way to toggle which default setting we want. That would solve all of the problems people have mentioned in this thread

    So at the company I work at we tend to do quite a bit of batch rendering out of Revit. Often times we will set up 100+ views and then just let them render over lunch or at EOD. However, with the 2.7 update I've noticed that it does batch rendering quite differently. Before, I would go into a 3D view, change all of the settings to what I need, then Batch Render. The batch renders would then just use the same settings as the 3D view and all of the renders would be done in maybe 10-20 minutes.

    Now, for some reason it wants to "re-print" every single render. Which means that now it takes a minute or two for each render. Long story short, my render times for batch rendering went from 15 mins to about 2-3 hours...

    Am I missing something? For the time being we've had to downgrade to 2.6