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    As stated in the original post, IrisVR seems to do a good job. I've been playing with it on the oculus quest 2. See link below. I don't know how it is accomplished technically, but it seems to always work well in areas that Enscape flickers.

    I feel like this touched on a subject of the importance of clean models. Once again, totally in agreement. I do encounter the flashing more often than I would like to admit. Sometimes it's a linked element, sometimes it's a the vertical walls of a bulkhead interfering with the ceiling, sometimes it's the trim on a bad door family---but it happens.

    Agreed, but you are assuming the Enscape is being used as the our final rendering tool. It is not. It is used for coordination between disciplines and checking our models mid-design. We would never expect those models to be ready for a final render. Our clients rarely see anything in Enscape.

    This isn't an issue of laziness or sloppiness. If something like Z-Fighting is a simple fix on the programming side (I have no idea if it is or isn't), implementing it wouldn't be relying on Enscape to clean up our sloppy models. It would be a small movement towards quickly jumping into Enscape and having it look as good as possible even at the start of a project.

    And for those that are using Enscape as a final rendering tool, I would argue that anything that Enscape can provide to make the model look better would be advantageous to all. This isn't a critical---but most of these Ideas and Requests aren't. Just small steps toward making an already great product even better.

    That would be it. Enscape is a crucial part of our workflow, but as we start getting into VR we are experimenting with other plugins that have a more robust VR concentration.. That is one item that I noticed that would really help our Revit models in Enscape. There are a lot of circumstances----especially in ceilings that we have multiple planes in one area. Taking time to clean those up does little help to our final drawing documents and takes a lot of time.

    You'll have to go to the Object Categories of the linked file and change the material settings there - based on the layer name in SketchUp.

    Thanks, Phil! That got me a lot closer. Still not there, yet. Any clue on why my materials aren't showing through on the model? Phasing is correct. Querying the import seems to show layer naming that I would expect. Everything in the 'object styles' appears to work except for the materials. It's almost like the model export is corrupted but I've tried multiple file types (dwg, skp, etc)

    We are importing a sketchup-created site plan into revit. The materials come through and are visible in Revit. The Asset/Appearance are non-existent and show up gray in Enscape. What is interesting is that in Sketchup, the grass texture is named 'grass' and is thus picked up by Enscape, creating 3D grass blades (which are gray). The imported element is one object. Exploding the import deletes the majority of the site.

    Does anybody have a workflow to edit materials on an imported sketchup element in Revit?

    Has there been an official comment on if the Quest 2 will be powerful enough to run Enscape models? No virtual desktop, link cable, etc. I imagine it won't be unless textures are removed, etc. Is there any chance that the Quest 2 will have the ability to run an altered Enscape model directly on it's hardware?



    I am by no means an expert at Dynamo or Enscape, and for all I know this already exists. Please see the attached dynamo script to create sweeps along all model lines of a certain name. Once again, this is my first dyanmo script, so I'm sure it is very sub-par. That said, it gets the job done for us very quickly when we want to see our model lines in Enscape.


    Thanks for the input. My problem really isn't with finding tilable textures or clean textures. Obtaining the jpg isn't my concern. It's taking the time to set up a library with the settings (bump, reflectivity, etc) set correctly in revit. In other words, I'm not looking for textures, I'm looking for materials.

    Thanks, Helen!

    This is very helpful. When it comes to pre-made revit materials (with settings tweaked), there are no resources as far as you know? In the future, some sort of clean and accurate Revit material library with a few dozen textures would be an awesome package that Enscape could sell to help us get started.

    Good Day, All

    I am trying to build up a library of quality materials for our Revit Template. Years ago I would render a lot and would often come across sites selling ready-made material libraries for 3D max. Does anything exist for Revit to get me started? A quick google search doesn't show much. I know that Revit comes with it's own library, but some materials w/ procedural mapping are not compatible with Enscape.



    I'll second this. Would really like some rudimentary options for creating markups. Currently taking snippets and editing in bluebeam. Would be nice to do this in enscape...either the static spherical panoramas or the newer web-based viewer.

    I haven't seen anything by searching, so i apologize if this has been brought up. Is the new Oculus Quest something that has a chance of being developed around by the enscape team? It is a very interested product, but since it is a stand-alone piece of equipment and not plugged into a PC, I am unsure how/if we Enscape can utilize it.



    What service does everybody use to create hyperlinked photosphere tours? We are currently using Holobuilder but are looking into other options. I know Enscape allows somebody to render/share a photosphere on Enscape's own servers, but we want to be able to link multiple images together.