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    Hi Nuge,

    I appreciate your feedback and understand your disappointment. Let me give you some insights into our development process.

    Version 2.4 was released in October 2018, just like it was planned. Now we are releasing 2.5, containing lots of smaller improvements for all CADs, as well as the material editor for Rhino. We believe that this release brings a lot of value to all our users, even though the material editor in ArchiCAD is still missing.

    Why does the Rhino plugin have the material editor? Because we had to start with one CAD - and the Rhino plugin was released in November 2017 while the ArchiCAD plugin was released only 7 months later.

    We actually did plan to include the material editor for ArchiCAD in the 2.5 release as well, but priorities change over time (some other features become very important suddenly).

    In the end, we were confronted with the decision to either remove the ArchiCAD material editor from the 2.5 release or delay the 2.5 release even longer. We decided to deliver the bugfixes and improvements to you as soon as possible.

    Sorry if my words have been unclear to you in the past. It is scheduled for 2.6. We have planned a scope of features for 2.6 which does include the asset editor for ArchiCAD. However, being scheduled is not the same as being done. I can't promise you when the material editor will be integrated, but we're trying our best to make it happen.



    All good, I guess the only thing is that we cannot use the viewport when the editor is switched on, but I imagine that's just wip?

    This unfortunately is final. We couldn't find a way to track all changes done in Rhino. So we made the material editor block the viewport to prevent Rhino and Enscape from going out-of-sync.


    Is Rhino 5 supported for the new material editor?

    No, the Rhino 5 SDK is lacking a few methods that we need to properly map the materials to their objects.


    I can't find the material options - any ideas?

    In native Rhino you need to switch the materials to the Enscape type, but we decided to not use the integrated UI as it is very limited. Instead you can modify all Enscape materials by opening the material editor window via the toolbar or command "EnscapeOpenMaterialEditorCommand"

    Gadget I think this thread contains (at least?) two different bugs:

    1) Geometry that looks OK, but in the wrong place (Posts 1, 3, 5, 10). This was fixed in the meantime.

    2) Corrupt geometry added with some geometry missing. (Posts 12, 15).

    When you encounter 1) again, please open SketchUp's "Ruby Console" window and forward error messages appearing there to us. But since we fixed it I haven't seen this bug again.

    Regarding 2) I have re-added this bug to our internal tracking. I guess the bug occurs when you are modeling while Enscape is open with live updates in the background. When you click the "Start Enscape" button again, Enscape is fixing itself. There is no way to reproduce the bug. Is my evaluation correct?

    MacMel to use the identity transformation for your proxy (or any component instance), select the instace, open the ruby console and enter

    Sketchup.active_model.selection[0].transformation =

    Is this what you want?

    Micha  JACK.Z Enscape tries to limit the range of artificial lights to meaningful values to increase the z-resolution of the shadow map. For this purpose the surrounding geometry and the intensity of the light is taken into account. In the image it looks like the light might be a few hundred meters/millimeters above the geometry, and I can see a light with intensity "0" in one screenshot. This light obviously does not work.

    Regarding updates no longer working: please send feedback (with a link to this thread), we can take a look at the log files and see if we can find what is going on.

    Jorgensen Enscape watches the filesystem for changes. If Enscape is notified that a linked skp file is changed, that file is automatically reloaded. If this does not work, please send feedback. Perhaps we can see in your log files what is going wrong.

    Is the linked skp file by any change located on a network share?