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    Please restart SketchUp after upgrading Enscape. If you're in doubt about the version you're currently using, take a look at the About window.

    Do you see the wrong materials every time you start Enscape or only after changing your model while Enscape is open?

    Are the materials completely wrong (e.g. stone texture instead of wood texture) or only slightly different? The latter can always happen with lighting & exposure.

    If you want me to investigate further please send your model to me (or our official support email).


    I'm sorry, but this behaviour is out of our control, as it is tied to the SketchUp Extension Manager.

    These are upgrade workflows that work for me:

    1. Simply upgrade
      Just upgrade using the SketchUp Extension Manager. Restart SketchUp afterwards. This works sometimes, but on occasion you get the mentioned error message.
    2. Uninstall & Install
      Uninstall Enscape, install again using the Extension Warehouse. Restart SketchUp between these steps or at the end.
    3. Download the rbz from our website
      You can download the rbz file from our website. Please note that we publish with a slight delay, because we want to wait for the SketchUp store approval and we need to perform some manual steps. You should also get an update notification which takes you directly to our website as soon as it is available. Once you have the rbz you can install it using the SketchUp Extension Manager or by unzipping it in the right folder.

    Either way, you do not have to re-enter your license key. It is not stored in the plugin folder.

    Thanks for reporting the bug. I guess you are using Revit 2016 and Enscape 1.9.4 or newer. Congratulations, you have hit the only combination with this bug. You can use Revit 2015, 2017 or 2018. Alternatively you can install an older Enscape (1.9.3 or lower).

    Hi Steffen,

    download the zip file from our download page. It contains a single rbz file, which is another (renamed) zip file. Unzip the last one into "%appdata%\SketchUp\SketchUp {2016/2017}\SketchUp\Plugins" of all users on all machines or to "%programdata%\SketchUp\SketchUp {2016/2017}\SketchUp\Plugins" on all machines.

    Make sure the directory structure matches the structure when using Extension Manager.

    We just released a new preview version for SketchUp!

    New features

    • Support for Skatter plugin render-only
    • Separate resolution setting for panoramas
    • Even better grass


    Enscape now supports the Skatter plugin. Just make sure you select "Full geometry". Proxies are not yet supported.


    We noticed that many users, who captured their first panorama, did so using "window" resolution, which is oftentimes too low for good results. So we added a separate setting for panoramas, that is more user friendly. These resolutions are power-of-2, like normally suggested for panoramas.

    When you capture a panorama, the underlying image is now rotated to your view direction. So if you upload it to the cloud and view it in your browser you immediately look into the correct direction.


    We improved the rendering of our "grass" materials.


    Various Bugfixes

    • Standalone export crashed Enscape in some cases
    • Mirrored instances of face-me components were shown from the wrong side
    • Panoramas had an (almost invisible) artifact
    • Moving the mouse slowly resulted in no rotation at all (especially with low speed or high smoothing settings)
    • Emissive intensity could not be controlled (darker materials now have lower intensity)

    Lighting is the next thing on the sketchup agenda, but it's difficult to give a timeline. Although the rendering supports lights already, there is work todo in tooling (you want to set the lights in the scene), data storage (you want the lights to be saved & loaded), data flow (you want the lights to be passed to the renderer) and synchronization (you want to change the lights and see changes immediately). Personally I think it's at least two weeks of work. Taking into consideration the default discrepancy between estimation and reality, the version MIGHT be released four weeks from now. Perhaps we will give an early version to a small group of users, like we did with Skatter support. So don't count on it to be available in the next days.

    Hi insilee,

    just to be sure:

    When you restart SketchUp and open Enscape for the first time everything looks good and after you do some changes in your model the textures in Enscape becomes wrong? Closing and restarting Enscape does not help, but restarting SketchUp helps (for a short time)?

    If that's the case, it must be a bug on our side. If you can find a precise list of steps that reproducibly leads to the problem we would be happy if you can send them together with the model you used to support at

    If that's not the case, please describe in more detail the unexpected behaviour of Enscape. Again, we can help you better if you write to our support.