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    This situation was happening when the user had 2.9.1 installed at his workstation. We tried to solve the issue by installing 3.0.0. Problem still occurs for him. Problem does not occur for other users in the same model.

    He has a new, recent installation of Enscape 3.0.0.

    I have a user whose Enscape is crashing. When I get on their workstation, Enscape does not crash fore me. Some specifics:

    Video Card is NVIDIA Quadro P5000. Video card driver is up-to-date.

    Enscape version is 3.0.

    Crash appears to be specific to user. Anywhere I should start looking? I think I'll start testing for incompatibility with plugins.

    I am getting the message below from one of our users. Any idea what could be happening?

    "I’ve been using Enscape staring last month or so, and when I first used it, I had no problem generating rendering views. It usually took less than a minute to generate each rendering views. However, a week or two after, when I went back to generate views from the same file, it’ll render fine the first time, but it’ll always get stuck rendering the second time. The enscape view goes black and would get stuck. That night, I literally had to generate one view, restart revit, generate next view, restart revit, and repeat. I may need to render as soon as upcoming Monday or as later as end of next week. Could you please look into this? It’s such a painful process as of now."