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    Hello there Enscape community,

    I have a question about how the change the angle in orthographic mode when using the views from the numbers 24568. Is it controled by the geographic north of the project? Because I changed it and it seems to not change in enscape whatsoever.

    So id like to know what Revit element function does control from where the views 24568 come.

    Edit: I cant move it with the mouse because theres a long straight mouse and rotating with the mouse will cause me to move the view up and down and thats something I dont want

    Hello there. Id have a question about HDRI skyboxes. Im always trying to insert a proper one but it either is too large, too small or unsharp ( im using 8k quality HDRIs from the recommended websites from Enscape) So what am I doing wrong with HDRI skyboxes what kind of pre-set up do I require to make work with it at all?

    As a heads up, this will be resolved with our next upcoming preview, or full release 3.3 soon. Just in case you weren't made aware yet. :)

    Not sure if this has been solved as well but there seems to be a new crash. The old one happend when clicking export ifc now its crashing when you want to change the settings of the export like in this video.:

    I uninstalled Enscape and it worked without it so there seems to be another friction. I downloaded the latest Preview Enscape version.

    Hello there.

    Id like to confirm that the new preview version seems to work with the IFC Exporter.

    Enscape version 3.3 Preview

    IFC Exporter version -
    Revit 2022 version - 20220123_1515(x64) 2022.1.2


    you need to reinstall the IFC exporter for the newest revit version else it will keep the 2021 version in the 2022 revit version and that will definitely crash.…eleases/tag/IFC_v22.4.1.0

    here is a downloadlink for the newest IFC exporter

    I had this issue recently as well It seems the IFC Exporter for the 2022 Revit version has had some issues. The only thing I figured out is that there is always a new update now on the IFC Exporter on Git Hub and not on the autodesk Apps website .

    And second thing how to make it work for some reason when you launch Revit as administrator it works flawlessly. If I launch it as normal user it will always have the same crash as you are facing.

    I already talked to Autodesk support about it and talked it about the IFC Exporter developer with it and nobody can really understand why its like that on my PC ( Even after giving literally all Revit related folder administrator rights on Windows it still crashes when launching revit not as Admin)

    Edit: I got the tip from the IFC Exporter developer that they are planing to integrate the app into the autodesk desktop app menu for revit thats why it wont be anymore on the addons website

    Hello there. This has been requested a few times I think once from me but I had now a good idea to make this idea even more profitable.

    If we had a VR walkthrough ability through point clouds with the function to measure the distance ( as the controllers are registered in the 3D space it shouldnt be that hard to get measuremenets)

    This would especially help with old buildings that are further away from the office working on it and making a whole new workflow possible with one person measuring the details of the rooms that are harder to be seen in the point cloud and the other one modelling it.

    I think this could be a great feature for enscape opening up to a new market as well not only new designing!

    As title states. Why is the green all the time different when im literaly not changing anything besides the colour of the tower on the right side. Is the time in Enscape moving when nothing is done or what is changing constantly? I cant seem to get one of the same green for the same rendering of the same material at the same time of the day, same colour temperature, same saturation, same lightning settings everything is the same just the towers colour changed. Even the view point hasnt moved a mm.

    Hello there. I was searching for an option to set objects ( in particular trees ) to a transparent set up. I have browsed the forum finding older posts from 2017 and forward about this feature.

    Is it still on the agenda / what is the progress or rather is it possible and can we expect it somewhen? It is a bit bothersome to have to render objects and the projects separately and then photoshop the trees in.

    Thanks for clarification in advance!

    Hello. I was wondering if its possible to install Enscape for separate revit instances as I installed Enscape for 2020 but we will slowly move onto 2022 but until then there will still be a little bit time and there are some features id like to use in the 2022 but Enscape itself shows that its installed only in the 2020 version not in the 2022 one.

    Is there a way to choose which version it will be installed to?

    The Modell itself isnt all too large. Building model is about 300 MB and linked topography modell without trees about 170MB.

    I will post it in about a month as I cant legally make it public as of yet bureaucracy x)

    But thanks for the help ! I hope I can get to it this week finally.

    Demian Gutberlet Im using the High setting option for VR but it might be from what I found on the forums something with a lower FPS rate or rather the FPS drops that might be the cause of all of this. At medium setting it feels like its rendering faster but the difference between medium and high in terms of render speed seems not all too high but the texture quality difference is massive between those 2 steps.

    Im using currently the Oculus Quest 2. Have it tethered with a usb 3 and tried with Virtual Desktop as well which has a slightly better performance due to the compression rate id assume.

    Hello there. Im having trouble with uploading a panorama to the cloud. I click on the button to upload it the green bar goes through no errors or anything. When the process is ongoing it gives me the option (grayed out though so cant click on it) to view it in browser. When it fully loads the green bar without any trouble the button disappears and all I can do is upload it again without any achievments in doing so.

    Hello there. I wonder will there be or is it possible to render out 360 view point videos in the near future?

    The current issue I have with real time rendering that even though having a somewhat acceptable machine - 2080ti, i9 - at Ultra details it needs a time to render out the textures which makes some people dizzy or ask why is the picture unsharp.

    So I was wondering if this feature would come someday or maybe a feature like how games are pre rendered so the textures would be crispy when doing VR walkthroughs?

    Zoom Its usually due to the lack of GPU and CPU combined. I will have to upgrade to 2 graphic cards as the resolution of the quest is high enough to require that much power. Else it might be a ALVR problem as i never used that one in all honesty besides that Virtual Desktop worked fine for me and the random black on fast turn it happens even in a normal walkthrough via PC its something to do with re rendering light I think

    I couldnt replay to this topic but whatever.

    My experience with the Quest 2 so far and Enscape was very stunning. Due to the very nice high resolution display everything looks crispy and if you got 4 - 8k textures it looks really stunning on a walkthrough especially with the wind option turned on.

    The only problem is the performance you really need a decent PC for a really nice walkthrough. My RTX 2070 and i7 9700k are nowhere near enough. Id assume id have to hook up a few graphic cards together.