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    You guys increased prices by 43% whilst your biggest competition Twinmotion is giving it out for free to all Rhino are not giving us much choice to stick around here.....

    Demian Gutberlet The one thing I recommend to people is the flexibility of month-to-month subscriptions, this is huge for small practices, young architects, and sole practitioners.

    Please do not become another Autodesk......


    An annoying issue with the 'white background' override that it dose not actually create a white background, it seems to reflect the sky slightly so the background comes out very light blue. This seems like a small issue but when creating diagrams ect to put on sheets you now have to go in and Photoshop out the background for each image to make it look correct.

    Am I missing something with this, seems like it would be an easy fix?

    So months on and this is still a major issue...........

    Enscape has this issue that when installed it causes minimized programs like Revit and Rhino to stay stuck in the tool bar minimized! the only way to bring them back is to hold Shift and Right Click and Restore window, its crazy frustrating especially when working in Rhino + Revit or multiple session of Rhino, to the point we have to uninstall Enscape when not working on visuals and reinstall it when we need it.

    As soon as your uninstall Enscape the issues goes away..........

    Is there no way you guys can fix this?

    I'm having the same issues, I cant seem to get it back to working tho, every time I render the just get the black screen. After you close it down I can not get enscape window to open again. Have to close down and open the fole up again and give it another shot.

    Huge fan of Enscape however its getting a bit frustrating, every time you update there seems to be a another issues that springs up that halts your workflow.


    Have a strange issue that is happening with both my work and personal computers when using rhino 6.

    My Rhino window now sometimes get stuck minimized in the windows tool bar. If hover over the Rhino 6 icon in my tool bar and select the model I want to work on it briefly appears before then hearing the windows error (ding) and the window disappears. I can not get back into that session, the only way is to close it and open it again.

    The only clue i am getting is the warning below in the command line of the session it happens to. I have been though the Rhino forums with this issue however it has now started with Revit and people pointed me towards Enscape...

    04:00 [1] | WARN | Could not claim hotkeys. Another CAD process is unresponsive.

    This is a major issue in our firm and is slowing work!!!!!!!