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    Hello all - i am a Rhino3D user, but have also tested this in SketchUp. When creating massing models, it is typical to have outlines for the separate floors. In Rhino and SketchUp this is modeled by extruding the floors individually and it is a critical component when reviewing overall building heights for City review and discussion.

    The "outline" feature does not outline these separated, extruded features even though they are separate entities. Moving the floors slightly up to give a bit of separation seems to work, but it is not a viable solution when overall height is important. It is also very very time consuming.

    How does Enscape figure out the locations of the outlines and is is possible to allow for outlines around separate features, regardless of whether or not they are touching? My work around for this in the past has been to sync the views and take a 2D image from Rhino and overlay it on the Enscape Image in Photoshop. Again not an ideal work around so an option to allow for better defined outlines would be much appreciated and much more useful for the professional world where analysis AND rendering is important