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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Welcome to our Forum CKRO ,

    We are close to having this behavior resolved internally with the help of SketchUp themselves, and a fix for this should now be arriving the upcoming next Wednesday - Once that update has been released I will certainly notify everyone here in this Forum who still experiences this.

    Please pardon that, the user himself set it to "Resolved" but I've reset the status accordingly. Of course it's also fine to talk about any ongoing problems here in the Forum, it's just that most of the time the first step is to ideally receive a report from that corresponding machine especially when it comes to a fresh problem, though it depends on the context of course.

    Hi Demian,

    that sounds good :) Thank your very much!

    if you are using skp 2024, disable the new graphic engine on the preference menu, switch to the classic

    Dosn't work Dude... it is not the new engine. I just installed SU22 with Enscape 4 and the problem is exactly the same.

    This issue has not been resolved(!)...

    and as far as direct contact with support is concerned: All well and good, but this is about a bug that a lot of people have. I think it makes sense that other affected people can also take part in this discussion and share news and workarounds that really work.


    I'm using Win 11 with an RTX4090 and the latest Studio drivers, 128GB RAM.

    I would also set the lights in SU22 and Enscape 3.5.6 and then copy them to SU24 with Enscape 4 but unfortunately it is also not possible to use two versions of Enscape on one operating system with different applications.

    What I don't understand: Why do you say that Enscape 4 is compatible with SU24 if there is such an essential bug? It has now taken me more than 2 days to get everything back to the old state. The least I expect is for you to correct that Enscape 4 is NOT compatible with SU24 until the issue is resolved. At the moment it's just in the footnote under "Known Issues".

    We're not talking about an open source program here, but rather a commercial product that many people use to make a living. For me, a project is now definitely on the brink.

    No offense is meant and I also understand that all software has to struggle with errors, but then it's better to wait until all core functions are available before releasing it. Please, dear Enscape team: We need a solution quickly, because your software is otherwise simply great.

    Tim , we have found a possible workaround, at least in SU 2024, that you can try if you like. We noticed that turning off the setting "automatically fix problems" in SketchUp seems to prevent this from happening.

    Please use at your own risk, since as of now we've just learned this. But if you decide to try, please let us know if this helps.

    Unfortunately it doesn't work either.

    (SU24, Enscape 4, RTX4090 with latest Studio diver)

    As a potential workaround, please only place lights in nested groups or components and not directly in the Sketchup viewport. If the light object is placed inside an existing object, it is more likely to...

    Push... None of these workarounds work for me with Sketchup 24 and the latest Enscape... Not even the workaround with the Sketchup checkbox "Fix problems automatically", switching to the Classic Engine, etc. It's despairing. Why isn't light placement additional in Enscape, just like assets? Then there would be no compatibility problems.

    I have now installed Sketchup 22 and Enscape 3.5.6 again. There are no problems here. Sketchup 22 and Enscape 4 have exactly the same problem. So it's NOT the new graphics engine, but definitely Enscape 4.

    I hope this bug is your top priority, because Enscape is completely useless for me, especially since I just ordered a Quest 3 to use with Enscape 4... I can put it in the corner for now, because with 3.5 Unfortunately the quality is not there.