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    Tested the latest Enscape release in SketchUp 2022 and it didn't work either. Sticking to SU2022 and Enscape 3.5.0-preview.13+98457

    which works fine. Hangs a bit on final load but does indeed load up instead of crashing everything.

    This happened to me too

    and I also went back to Skup 2022 and it happened again in 2022 too

    so, what I figured out is that I had saved the file while in Skup 2023, so when I got the backup file that was still in 2022 version, the problem was gone

    So you are able to use the latest Enscape release, just not in SU2023?

    Heads up, I have reported an issue/ticket with SU2023 and the latest Enscape release not rendering one of my larger projects. Causes a bug splat when loading after 99%. Tested the model in SU2022 and same issue. Reverted back to a preview release build and it's working again, in SU2022. Guess I'm staying away from 2023 for a bit.

    Browsing through the portal, I'm not seeing much in terms to features that the forum community has been requesting. Particularly the "in development" section is incredibly lacking. Maybe I'm thinking the "roadmap" should be there or am I looking into this incorrectly?

    Do you have raytracing on?

    Try turning it off along with DLSS etc and see if the batch process will then work.

    I’ve an 8Gb 2070 and regularly batch render 30ish 4k x3k with no problems at what I regard as amazing speed …… unless …… I try raytracing, at which point it’s crash city.

    Personally I think we’ve all drank a bit too much of Nvidia’s RTX coolaid. It’s barely used by gamers (it’s intended audience) and is regularly the source of problems here and I assume with others render engines.

    Ray-tracing is on, but off for sun-shadows since it used to cause crashes for me a few builds ago when I first gave it a go with my newer RTX card upgrade. I also rely mainly on artificial light sources, so soft exterior sun shadows not a big deal for my use and those seemed the most problematic a while back. The upgraded reflections are a big benefit, so I would like to keep "basic" RT on if at all possible.

    DLSS and DeNoiser are on. Haven't tried toggling those yet. Honestly, because I don't want to spend the day troubleshooting when I need the batch to just work from time to time when I need it for these larger jobs. DeNoiser is something I want to keep on, since it does help results in my experience.

    To me, it seems to be the processing time with SketchUp transitioning from scene to scene in my larger models. Some scenes have more complex geometry and SketchUp lags, which I bet causes Enscape to run into a timeout issue or something like that. Still, that doesn't explain the simply longer render times using the batch render option. Yes, it's still "fast" considering it's rendering 20+ scenes vs something like VRay. It's just "slow" compared to what I'm used to doing single renders in Enscape already.

    Batch rendering has been problematic for me for multiple releases:

    1) Incredibly slow processing time vs rendering individual scenes. I'd estimate at least 50%-75% slower than if done individually. But this is all for nothing if (see #2)...

    2) Higher chance of crash to desktop - without a bugsplat - on "Ultra" after a few scenes.

    - Notes:

    - Tends to crash on "Ultra" but have no problems rendering individual scenes on "Ultra".

    - Batch on "High" seems stable.

    3) Occasionally does not update to the appropriate scene, leading to an incorrect view. Perhaps isn't giving itself enough time to update the camera view?

    - My models are large-ish (~200MB).

    I sometimes have 20 +/- scenes to render and batch could be a big timesaver...if it worked consistently and efficiently.

    4) Enscape has no option to simply name the file per SketchUp's scene name. Adds another step to take after rendering to go through each render and rename.

    - Enscape adds: "Enscape_2023-01-04-09-53-26_(SketchUp scene name)"

    - This is problematic for simply/quickly replacing/overwriting scenes if a quick update is needed.

    System info:

    GPU = RTX3080 (12GB)

    - "High" uses approx. 70% GPU memory while rendering

    - "Ultra" uses approx. 80% GPU memory while rendering

    System Memory = ~50% usage

    *Should not be a VRAM or system RAM issue.

    Enscape version: 3.5.0 preview 9

    I will up you one... I loathe the idea of enscape being a standalone like the others. The reason I use it is because it is NOT a standalone. By being imbedded in the skp modeling process it becomes a DESIGN tool.. not a rendering tool. If I need a perfect rendering I can send it off to be final rendered. I want a DESIGN tool and switching between programs is the antithesis of t

    I'll reiterate my comment below-

    Via a well thought-out live-sync, all material and lighting instances can still live withing SketchUp and translated through to the external application.

    I HATE the idea of enscape being stand alone ala twinmotion and others. I hate the idea of splitting out the workflow to distinctly separate apps. I like to do my geometry in SKP and have it rendered in enscape. This is why I ignore the recent addons of enscape like plotting to a map etc. I would need to bring buildings back into SKP if that is to be a working workflow. I don't want to have to manage different parts in different places because then if I have to do things in Enscape then it becomes a managing problem of if I need to change the original model in SKP or have some things in one place and others in the second place. If I have to show my clients only in enscape render then I can't do simple image exports in SKP etc. It's adding complexity to create models. I want a simple workflow that works reliably. This is maybe the primary reason I don't like twinmotion and I do like enscape. It's not as synchronized as enscape and I don't want to add materials in twinmotion that I don't have in the original SKP.

    If Enscape became a stand-alone application it doesn't necessarily need to function just like TwinMotion. I agree, I HATE remapping materials in TwinMotion and the ultimate deal-breaker for me is having to place lighting directly in TwinMotion vs SketchUp. TM is horrible for creating or fine tuning a lighting plan (revisions are a time-suck).

    Via a well thought-out live-sync, all material and lighting instances can still live withing SketchUp and translated through to the external application. D5, for example, uses SketchUp to place lighting instances (place-holders) that the external D5 application picks-up and translates. It's light-years better than the method in TwinMotion and much closer to the current workflow with Enscape/SketchUp.

    Running Enscape via a stand-alone application could potentially also add (just to name a few):

    Better performance

    Better & more toolsets - (landscape/terraforming, foliage & asset skatter brushes, for example)

    More assets & compatibility (importing more file formats)

    I'm not sure about it becoming a standalone, mainly due to the fanare that accompanied v-ray getting integrated into SU in April 2021, so Enscape separating would be a huge backwards step which would definitely make me leave more than anything else. The only thing enscape is best as is speed and ease, so if that goes then what's the point?

    Enscape is not a modeling program and doesn't create geometry. Moving it to its own stand-alone application will have very meaningful benefits to it's long as they keep some of the workflow inside SketchUp natively- as I've described with what D5 does. All managed via a "simple" sync plugin. VRay integration to SU is more of a bundle than anything and not coded directly into SketchUp, as far as I know. Nothing particularly special there. They just wanted to offer a "standard" rendering engine with SketchUp to offer a complete architectural visualization package vs hunting around for 3rd party applications.

    To further muddy the waters, Chaos and Enscape have some sort of "merger" business relationship/structure and there are obvious overlaps in the software packages. Only a matter of time...

    Anyway, I continues to use Enscape because it's MUCH faster to live model and render at the same time. I use the render engine to help guide some of my lighting and interior decor decisions long before final design documents.

    Tim Based on the recent features introduced, I.E. site context feature, placing assets in Enscape(not the model), and movement of setting into the plug-in rather than the modeling software, I wouldn't be surprised if Enscape takes the route of D5, Lumion, and Twin motion by becoming a stand-alone real soon. Unfortunately, current software limits the ability of plugins to add certain advanced features like a terrain editor and multi-asset brush placement. Just my two cents.

    I also see it becoming a stand-alone application so it's not limited by being a SU plugin. Hopefully they are more like D5, in that you add light objects within the SketchUp model and then the external D5 app renders them appropriately vs a data link refresh. This is much better for my use than in TwinMotion where you need to replace objects all over the place as you add them in. Basically, you can still add a light object within a component and just be on your way vs placing them one by one. Landscape/brush tools would also be a huge benefit.

    I have tried so many times to move to TwinMotion. But for my particular workflow, Enscape running natively within SketchUp has some very real and tangible benefits for working quickly, particularly if the design is constantly changing. Likely not going anywhere for a while, but it's certainly not for a lack of trying. That's not good thing for a customer to be constantly seeking out.

    I don't know how I've managed to miss this until now, but as well as V-ray and V-ray Vision, you've also got V-ray Vantage - where on Earth is Enscape going to sit amongst these other options?

    Enscape will replace Vision/Vantage. That's my take at least.

    I actually did cancel my old credit card but Enscape is threatening collection agency if I don't pay for another year - hard to get out of being held hostage by their auto renewal policy. If you miss your window of opportunity to cancel, they do their best to squeeze every drop of blood they can. Unlike other software where if you don't pay them, it signals an end to your interest in using it, Enscape tries a very different approach

    As long as you canceled before the actual renewal date, your CC will back you on your claim - assuming you have documentation. Usually a company bends pretty quickly to CC claims like this. CC companies hold a lot of power in these situations. Good luck to you.

    will there be an additional cost? I was on a webinar the other day showing the integration and looks interesting. If you're a V-ray user will you get access to Enscape and if you're an Enscape user will you get access to V-ray, or will we have to purchase both software to benefit? If so going back to the original post by Grizzler our costs would double to see these imporvements. Apologies if this has been answered on another forum post or elsewhere, I haven't seen it so thought I would ask.

    DOULBE the subscription cost. They are not bundling both as one. Just early days of compatibility, since Chaos merged with Enscape (more aptly - Ensacpe joined Chaos). Won't be surprised to see some sort of higher cost "discounted" package subscription fee within the year. I expect V-Ray Vision to eventually just become Enscape or something like that.

    My company designs Grocery/Supermarket/Market/C-Stores, and am always asked if I can "fill the shelves." IMO, it's a tall order and not something I ever bother with. I'm pretty frank with clients about what that actually entails on my end, technically speaking. They usually get it when I explain it, but I hate telling them "no."

    In my experience, clients start to see shelves populated and they start to focus on the small things, like repeating objects, shelf merchandising layouts, etc. They lose the bigger picture of what the 3D render was intended to convey. If you really step back and think about how many objects you'd need to make it look like a fully stocked store, it'd be a 20x time sink, easily.

    Sometimes I'll do a small portion of a store with further merchandise detail (like a wine department). Think of those like highly detailed mini-diorama's or showcase that can speak for the rest of the design.

    For more context- I have stores that are 15k+ sq. ft. Enscape and SketchUp are limited at that size and detail as it is. Even some of or smaller stuff that's like 3-6k sq. ft is a huge time sink.