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    A lot of this seems to come down to the surfaces not having much reflectiveness/gloss and bump (some, none at all). Although you have used the same color paint for the trim, wall, ceiling, cabinets, etc, it is more likely that each item would have a different bump and gloss. Walls would have some orange peel texture to them and the trim and ceiling might have more of a flat and higher gloss sheen - cabinets as well. I also don't see any gloss or effectiveness on the floor? Did you add a map to it? I'd expect it to bounce some of the light. I would also turn down your lines outline % a bit. The counter marble also looks flat- but that could be from lack of light (see below).

    I can see a light reflection in the ceiling from the "fake" lighting. It's offputting because the main light sources in the room from what I can tell are just the can lights- which would be pretty typical for this room. As Winston above me mentioned, the lighting could use some color temperature adjustment and not just "white". Add some accent lighting under the cabinets to help shine up the countertops.

    Add an emitting material to the lens of the can lights to help show off the light source. Drop a IES into each and give it some color. If you need more fill light, add a rectangle in the center just to help brighten things up a bit.

    Since I cannot reproduce this problem yet as mentioned, your cooperation would be appreciated.

    I have a support ticket open. Posting on the forum here to see if any other users can chime in, since that can be helpful for tips/tricks.

    And just to make very sure, if you aren't using 3.3.1 yet

    Yes, using the latest build.

    did you apply the materials after stretching the plane to your desire, or did you apply them before and then resized the plane instead?

    I start a new material by sizing it inside SketchUp per the size given by the Poliigon info (see attached). Then I add the other maps inside Enscape. As you stated earlier, there is a lingering bug where the albedo map location keeps changing to my %appdata% folder instead of the actual location on my hard drive. I checked that file in the location and it's the same high quality image, just copied over to that folder by Enscape- for whatever reason. I've even moved all my materials and relinked them from a NAS to my local NVMe SSD and no change in behavior or quality. TLDR: not sure if thats causing an issue (seem like not).

    I can see what is happening now:

    I applied the 2k material to begin with just to see the quality/size benefits and if 4k was worth moving up to. When I swapped it out to the 4k version, SketchUp resized the image for whatever reason down from 20'x20' to 2'x2'. Resizing back to the correct size did the trick and I re-saved the material within SketchUp, and it seems to be sticking now. I don't know why it chose to resize, but it has implications when swapping around materials within Enscape when designing, as shown.

    Tim , thanks for your post!

    In this case, please be aware that the albedo texture (and materials in general) in this case in Enscape gets downscaled if it's assigned to a smaller area/piece of geometry. If you enlarge the ground in your scene, it should help with allowing Enscape to render the texture in 4k like you see in SketchUp too.

    Let me know if you experience any problems during or after this process still.

    This is a large flat plane (landscape). I tried with a smaller 2k texture and it looks just the same in terms of being rendered worse than what SU shows.

    Why are the maps being downsampeld? And wasn't this something we used to be able to toggle on/off in the settings?

    I don't think it's unreasonable to expect Enscape to allow the user to choose how how of a quality map to use. I specifically bought a new high end GPU to allow for higher resolution maps.

    I've done this one of two ways, for a curved surface, I create a PNG material with a gray transparent background that matches the glass setting I prefer and then I apply the "decal" on top and project this material onto the surface. For a flat surface, I've experienced the shadow issue you mention, but I find that if the image is glued to the surface or 1mm or less off the surface I don't get Z-fighting and I don't typically get the shadow issue, but I don't often put a decal on 2D glass so that may not work. What will definitely work though will be to create a new material as described earlier. Happy to send you an example.

    Thanks! I've followed up in the PM.

    Some missing materials for building exteriors that I am looking for and hoping can be added to the material browser. Maybe they are there and I'm not seeing them? If so, please point them out.


    Board and Batten

    Shingle (I know we can use a roof shingle- but what about composite or color variations?)

    Plank (Wood 18 and Wood 19 are not realistic in showing cut planks and have too large of gaps when scaled to size)


    Standing seam metal (I sometimes just use the Steel 16, Corrugated, modified)

    Concrete blocking variations (split face, traditional, etc)

    ...and now they update the price!

    They said: "to offering you the best possible product with the quality you expect and deserve to accomplish your goals and everyday work. To continually improve and update our product, we review our prices regularly."

    Let's not forget that we are paying for a subscription license, and not perpetual ownership. And they wonder why consumers loathe SaaS.

    I'll just leave this here as well.

    Can Enscape please offer users the option to pay monthly with a year term commitment (with a cancellation penalty or something) instead of the full year price? ~$40/month is somewhat reasonable as a monthy fee for what we are getting, but when it comes to renewal time yearly, that's a hard ~$500 pill to swallow. Especially since the license isn't perpetual, which other render applications offer. Couple that with the fact that the last few releases have been underwhelming and contained a few ongoing issues (spacemouse...). I'm not thrilled to be renting my software to fund development for Mac's and a seemingly random Site Context feature I'm not convinced was necessary.

    $70/month for strictly monthly subscription (fixed seat) is obscene, to be honest. Doesn't even make sense that is $2 more than the better FLOATING license.

    I'm sure I'm barking up a tree here, but I can't be the only one. Anyway, my subscription is due in a few days so either way I'm pretty much out of luck here. I'll keep testing other software in the meantime.

    I have all my materials saved as .skm files and organized. After the .skm is created and I further modify it with bump, reflection, etc maps within the Enscape Material Editor- again, all from an organized file on my hard drive location. But when I go back to use the material and have the Editor open, I notice that Enscape had created it's own copy of the material and placed in in my appdata folder. Is this normal? The albedo color map is in the correct location when I browse the material from within SketchUp's material tray. Why would it be in a different folder within the Enscape Material Editor?

    Furthermore, if I set the material up and just use the albedo map for bump and reflection, it's not saving when I open a new model and use the newly created texture.

    What am I doing wrong here?

    Thanks as always for this! Demian Gutberlet can we PLEASE simply get the option to download all preview thumbnail inside the Enscape asset browser? As opposed to downloading all full assets.

    Thank you very much for your prompt attention, yesterday I submitted a feedback report and today I received the answer. The problem was caused because the project I am working on is unusually large and my GPU is a RTX 2070S with 8GB of VRAM. This has been solved by turning off the Ray-Traced Sun Shadows, now I can work on the project without any problems and since it is not common for me to work on projects of this size I can continue with this current GPU for a while longer.

    Thank you all very much for your help.

    Sounds like the dev's are now aware of and need to attend to the increased memory usage for RT shadows.

    Wondering if anyone here has experience using Curic Scene Manager plugin? SketchUp's scene management is a hot mess when you have a lot of scenes to hunt down. The new search function I guess is better than nothing, but simply being able to group scenes would in of itself be a massive improvement. Couple that with Enscape doing it's own thing with scene management and it can get sloppy fairly quickly when you have a large amount of scenes set up. Not really a fault of Enscape, more-so a criticism of SU needing to improve that aspect.

    Phew! With that kind of vegetation, I'd be looking more closely at TwinMotion vs SU/Skatter. Their landscape vegetation tools are next-level compared to Skatter/SketchUp. IMO, I reach the end of SketchUp's capabilities long before Enscape's. So, while I'd love to have a 3090 with 24 GB at my disposal, I have 11GB now with my 1080ti and stay pretty clear from that with my use case. Understanding now that RTX features in Enscape might be a RAM hog though- thats something to consider in the future for my upgrade. SketchUp drags its knuckles enough as it is when my larger models, and I'm nowhere near the RAM limitation my system provides.

    Undervolt that 3090 btw.