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    No plans at the moment, the Quest is overall not powerful enough or you'd hit some performance limits rather quickly when the project is on the larger side - if you have the chance, we definitely recommend a tethered headset to provide and get the full experience, it'll be worth it. :)

    Also, the Rift S is really great - easy setup, great tracking, works well with Enscape and is also kind of portable - the alternative would be a quest with a link cable, which will also give you a tethered experience, but the Quest is IMO not as comfortable, but a little more portable. And yes, you can go for a gaming laptop for example, check out our VR requirements here.

    Thank you for your answer! Everything is clear and to the point! I understand perfectly that the riftS + powerful video card experience will be the best! I just had in mind the ability to follow the link through the VR browser (which we create to demonstrate to the customer) from any portable VR (quest, GO, gearVR or any other) I understand that the graphics will be significantly worse for the Web version due to performance limitations (but in my opinion, it is enough to demonstrate the web capabilities to the customer, and not all customers have the ability to open the EXE, since they do not have a good video card) Imagine how convenient and portable this tool will become. But you just need to add this feature to the Web. This will become a kind of analog to irishVR (, live revit, Fuzor. Is there no logic in my words and this is not a promising direction? Moreover, in the future, it would be possible to develop the functionality for joint study of the model via a link in browser (without the need to install SOFTWARE and have a powerful gaming computer) It's a kind of combination of the ease of creating links via enscape and features similar to irisvr, what do you say?

    You may have already discussed this idea:

    We export the link to view the web and open it via a VR browser. Next, all you need is just support for walking through oculus quest. Is this possible to implement? Do you have any plans for this?