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    Yes the context it could provide is immense. As you mentioned, it quickly illustrates the accuracy to your models and can help clients/contractors recognize where/how it fits in context with existing, while helping to avoid having to model everything around your new items to get that context. Been a while since I looked into twinmotion, might have to again. Any software making this a priority to include is worth looking at. Enscape even has added Bim and clashing features but no point cloud support and it surprises me. I always wonder what the roadblock is. Is it something in their program that makes it difficult, or is it simply lack of desire based on lack of requests. If it's lack of requests from current users, it might mean they are missing a rather large audience of users out there where Enscape could expand into and attract.

    Once upon a time they had a sort of roadmap upvoting/suggestion system. Point Clouds were one of them for a long time back then.

    Was the point clouds suggestion accepted - i still cant see it on the portal?

    I think it just goes to their dev team and gets listed nowhere we would see. As reference, someone in the Portal was asking the same about one of their suggestions in portal and here was the reply:

    Quote from rifkin Is there any record of what we have submitted? I have an email confirmation from "Portal" earlier this month, it does not reference the content of my submission, and I don't see it on the portal anywhere. I just sent another submission, probably for the same thing.

    At least on the forum we can track and update threads and see our history. If we submit to the portal and can't see any record of it, and it doesn't get "approved" or whatever, it just seems like things are going into a black hole.

    Demian Gutberlet

    We have it all internally here (nothing goes into a black hole), and while I can understand the wish to have feature requests listed automatically based on popular demand, for example, that is not something we plan to do anytime soon I am afraid, nor would it be possible without manual work - That does not mean that the submitted requests do not get discussed extensively internally of course (as well as getting sorted after popularity and other factors).

    Furthermore, we don't want to hinder any feature request discussions in the Forum and I hope that users here do not get that impression - The Voting Portal simply acts as a way for us to showcase our roadmap and allow users to vote for select requests, while also being able to forward anything else directly to product management.

    Side Note: I've been suggesting, begging, on bended knee for years, for point clouds.

    I'm still cutting back to high settings instead of Ultra now on any large models to be able to continue using it. Also turning off ray traced shadows. But my card isn't top of the line either at RTX 2070super. Maybe just getting left behind a little.

    Enscape is still my best option for fast visuals. But I might have to stick with 3.3 and not go much higher until other things change.

    Yes and the large site project full of many things, linked models, and "stuff", like the one I'm working is not even full of highly textured items or light objects. It's just too much stuff at once it seems. I'll follow your video workaround items as well.

    Aside from Video size/quality of down to FullHD 1920...are your render quality settings set at Ultra or high/med? I've typically kept those high in order to keep items in large models as clear as possible that are well beyond the distance settings Enscape accounts for. I'm looking across a couple football field lengths of "stuff".

    That smooth 120 was helpful when needing to speed up a slow-long path video and avoid chop. Our people like their corner turns.

    Feedback support has responded to me suggesting I attempt turning off ray traced shadows in general settings and if further is needed to drop to med or high quality level. I'll attempt this probably tomorrow or tonight when I have more time and update if anything changes or helps.

    I hope it helps, but I'm not encouraged by the new version now making a once doable model at HQ levels now require lower quality settings.

    I really like the idea of this version's ability to add surrounding topo around a model quickly for smaller items we don't have that prepared for. But if added bloat and machine requirements are the result for the existing enscape features we were already using... I'm not sure anymore. I'll update if things look better tomorrow.

    Similar error on 3.3. At least same result. Occurred on large site Revit model. Hoping I don't need to immediately revert now to 3.2.

    I twirled down details to show it was "Ray Traced sun shadow BVH out of memory".

    It's not a new PC or anything. But 32GB ram, 8gb RTX 2070super, plus I was able to use Enscape on same model in 3.2.

    I did submit feedback, first option.

    Just a day ago before this, I updated the graphic driver(to 512.15) and went to 3.3 when I was seeing shadow fluttering and vanishing in video exports on 3.2 for this model so I suspected drivers or performance ceiling issues. At least on 3.2 it opened and was able to export 4 individual Ultra videos at 120 f and allowed pano creation.

    When it fails like this now, you have no options. I can't turn off RTX, can turn down details. When the error message window closes Revit and Enscape close out. Which isn't great when it takes time to open such models in Revit alone, then Enscape takes another 15 minutes or more to open.

    Additional Information: 3.3 test sort of worked on smaller model.
    I tested 3.3 opening on a smaller test model, one of your old light models and tested your new environment feature. Seemed to work on that smaller model although I didn't test video exports as the OP had trouble with. Another issue popped up when the environment location randomly chosen didn't fit well due to a hill, so when I deleted it and tried to reload a new flatter topo region to test it just kept reloading the first one.

    Do you suggest enterprise customers use the Quest 2 for Business edition? And does that work with Enscape?

    The Facebook login requirement on Oculus is a nightmare with shared headsets in a professional environment.

    We were also wondering how that facebook account requirement would impact usage between people. One account for all i guessed.

    Please excuse me creating another VR thread. But all searches return 1 year to 3 year old data currently on VR. We could use updated feedback or Poll votes from others.

    Which headsets are good in this year 2022 with 3.2 or 3.3 Enscape whether using Revit 2020, 21, 22, 23? Vote for up to 2 or suggest others. Poll runs to April 21,2022.

    Hoping to focus less on versions of Revit and just hear back, what headset brand should we choose for Enscape.

    Thanks in advance if you can throw a vote here towards whatever headset brand/model you use or suggest with Enscape. Thanks!

    I'm not using 2022 Revit yet. But I've had multiple issues with images placed as Decals in Revit not showing up in Enscape after they were working before. Whether it's an Enscape version change that has caused it or type of image, or Render Path issue as Phil posted, for you I'm not sure.

    But I've typically ended up re-adding the decal in Revit and rechecking Enscape, and doing this with a couple image formats if needed until it works again. Never yet nailed it down to just one thing causing a decal to blink out.

    I also keep getting the promo emails while I'm dealing with an inability to pay for my licenses through the site, and they won't shut our license down because they are such a great company. But that also keeps us from the 22% deal.

    They work on this software and I appreciate that. It's worth the recent bumps, however there will be a limit we won't cross. Now, add ability to show Point Clouds and watch people open wallets.

    Thank you for your detailed advice. I will bookmark this thread and try your method later, since this is the first time I use Enscape, this sounds a bit advanced to me. :)

    I might just be a little long winded about it. Phil's way is the right way to learn now. I was just offering an option.

    But for instance I don't always find the interface doing what I think it should. Such as saving presets.


    Presets confusion for me: Use the arrow to pop open presets area where you can save presets of settings. But, mine never hold, or rather it just saves where ever you last leave the settings while presently using it. So I can't setup day settings and call it day, and then setup night settings and call it night. Because both saved preset's settings will end up looking like night, or whatever I last setup. Seems useless to me or at least highly unintuitive to the point I don't want to bother. So I don't fight it. Instead I save time of day basics in Video path keyframes and use that to roughly get me started quickly when I come back to a model later and just tweak other settings as needed. Or, use Revit / Enscape Views as Phil was suggesting. But I swear with that route I still have times where I open a view and the time of day is wacked out.

    The video editor icon is at top. It opens the video editor.

    Then create a couple middle frames with different timestamps and adjust time of day for each. Here I choose day settings for one middle frame and night settings for other frame. Remember to hit "update" after every little change to a keyframe. Then Export the path as an XML file that you can reload into the video editor any time you need it back. Which will give you a saved camera view with basic Day of Time saved at each keyframe. Jump to the frame you want. Then hit the tiny icon button as seen in image or top X of video editor to leave the video editor as seen in next picture.

    Just an option that takes 5 minutes the first time working on a model to save basic time of day you want. Once that path is saved you always have it to load if your time of day gets screwed up. You can always create new real video paths if making those. You could save all camera locations and each with time of day saved for each view in more keyframes.

    I did sun settings for each view in Revit - input the location, date and time, obviously Enscape doesn't read that, so I had to adjust Time of Day to make the light looks right. What bothered me most is I couldn't save it, even though I thought "Create Preset" could help, it turned out I was wrong. Every time when I opened the views, the building were all in shadow and I had to re-adjust "Time of Day". Is there a way to save this? Thank you! :)

    Phil's suggested steps sound like the way we are supposed to do it. I feel your pain however lynn. Been there repeating that setup many times. Either didn't save views or there was something wrong with views at the moment. So I might have one other option for you.

    It's useful if you really just want to save one or two views to get back to later. Open the video editor, save the camera views you want as keyframes. Again, I usually just save two keyframes for start/end and give them the same settings, Then edit (and save each) each keyframe for time of day, sun settings and all. Then export your path which includes keyframes info, giving it a descriptive name like "8pm late shadows" or whatever it is. Maybe you end up exporting 3 video paths for three views. I also find them useful if going to start a new video to start at a view/time settings I know just by importing the right path.

    Next time you open the model don't bother with anything else. Open the video editor, load that path and all comes back. You can step out of the video editor at any time and do normal things.

    Could you add say a duplicate layer of the glass just offset an inch or wherever it fits really, just inside to further diffuse the visibility of objects inside? At least for that issue. The other issues also reminds me of using invisible self illuminated planes in maybe sketchup. Can we make vertically standing sheets of topography and give them frosted glass material to have a zero thickness surface? Just bending my mind on stupid ideas a little.

    This video editor interface is ridiculous, really. Need user interface testing to improve this or changes being made. I swear I did not have this exact issue an update or two back while doing videos. But, at least I find the solution here for the new Backwards keyframe additions issue. Three cheers for the forurm.

    This is less than professional and more like a rant at this stage while still holding out hope there is help with this, but I've about had it with trying to save visual settings that refuse to hold to the next time I reopen a model and fire up Enscape to continue something.

    The saved views are there, the saved visual presets are there and tied to the views, and almost without fail I reopen an enscape view I was last working on and am presented with trashed visual settings. It's one item or many items. Sometimes it looks like the Main tab in visual settings are all defaults, and it ruins most everything. Sometimes I can't tell what is different in settings but everything looks off. Probably solar angles or rotation reset. But without some kind of number reference of where those are set I'll never know until I start randomly swinging the angle or rotation with shortcuts. I can't recreate hours lost in my real day even if I can redo all these settings.

    Likewise, what seems like a backwards or broken process of creating a new settings preset. If I have everything the way I want it and hit "create preset", a new preset is made, but now the entire Image Tab under visual settings is set to default. Bloom and Vignette at defaults? This can't be right.(?) It should just save all my current settings into the new preset. What was the point of these again?

    Does everyone else battle these things or is it just me? I'm using 3.1.2+55592. I'm not using a preview. I was hoping this version might fix this finally. I was already on edge over this decal cutout issue that won't end.

    What's a good alternative to this mess? Uninstalling and using an old 2.8 version or just getting a different render solution?

    A little background on my office's Enscape Workflow. We use Enscape for internal design review and renderings for client presentations. Occasionally, we will export a standalone model and cycle through set views. Daylighting and Element Visibility are important factors in this process, especially when showing design options. In my opinion, the best aspect of Enscape was the speed and ease renderings could be created.

    I have loved the program since I started using it nearly 4 years ago. However, these most recent updates (in 2021) have caused me quite a bit of frustration. Before the update, users had the ability to control the creation of views within Revit and were independent of the Enscape Software. This allowed users to have one "base view" that we would use to launch Enscape and then have the ability to navigate the different star views without switching from the base view. This was crucial because it allowed a consistency across images, in terms of what was visible in each view, landscape elements, hidden elements in views, and the specified daylighting for the base view. The view creation in Enscape is now native to Enscape and automatically switches to a new base view each time you change the view. Furthermore, the daylighting settings are selected and saved but then will not apply when returning to the view. Additionally, when using design options it requires you to create a new view for each design option. Therefore, the image/rendering is nearly impossible to recreate exactly. Beforehand, you could set a single view then cycle through the options. This kept everything in the rendering, except the design options, exactly the same. This is crucial in comparing the options. While these may seem like minor items, they can cause a massive amount of time to be added to generating renderings, which is not ideal. The part that is most frustrating is the fact that these were not issues before and in fact were beneficial, so why change them?

    Maybe this point ljohnson had didn't get spoken about here yet. (Bold/underlined) But it is something I run into often even when customizing settings and saving them. They don't always hold. It's not all settings that drop but often enough a few, I just haven't nailed it down to a certain few that always do it. Fog and bloom often reset to defaults when everything else holds. Or, Time of day/sun settings are just wiped while most else seems to have held as saved, etc.

    I keep thinking I'm making a wrong step somewhere that causes this but haven't figured it out yet, and was wondering if others were seeing this happen.

    Another vote here for point clouds, although I'm sure I've thrown votes towards this years back.

    Even a limited version of points might suffice if required. I see other game engine powered solutions like autodesks own recap and infraworks showing point clouds. They might use limits but have some adjustability.