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    The material editor allows you to brighten and invert texture images such as bump maps.

    When you brighten the map you loose the contrast in the map. It would be great to have another control like levels, curves, contrast, saturation etc. I find myself having to open the bump maps a lot in Photoshop to lighten them or add contrast and create another jpg file. Having the adjust-ability in Enscape would save time and the number of files in my system.

    Thank you

    Option to select an object in Sketchup, right click and an option to disable the object from rendering.

    I know you can hide objects and save that setting in the scene tab but sometimes it's easier to select the object to not render. 3dsmax and vray have this ability and it's very valuable. Sometimes you have objects in the scene you want shown in views but for the realist render not have them shown, it saves having 2 identical scenes saved.


    I find the artifical lighting objects hard to use. Linear LED strip lighting for example. Enscape maxamium length is only 3 meters, so a kitchen benchtop sometimes needs 2 rectangle lights. When placing them you need to add the direction of the light and resize after placing. And the legth gets scaled from the centre, which complicates things.

    It would be much nicer to be able to draw a line that you would like the strip light to follow and have it automatically just point downward, then if you want to edit the direction of light rotate it after it's been placed.

    It would alos be good for the light to have a fall off affect so it doesn't light the room, just a distance from the light, ie 1 meter.

    It's also difficult to balance these light lumins with the scene. Often I use the artifical lighting brightness sliding scale in the settings dialog box when changing from different scenes, this change also effects this 'decorative' light which I don't want to reduce. It would be good if decorative lights never reduce their brightness with this sliding scale, or have a system where artificial lights all have their own sliding scale bar in the settings dialog box like Maxwell render. So you can adjust artifical light 'sets' in the setting dialog box and have these settings saved in the enscape scenes.

    Thank you

    Assuming Vectorworks will be able to insert proxy objects next release, it would also be great if it was able to insert sketchup proxy files. Vectorworks allows skp file import, so a skp proxy would be great.

    Sky Turbidity settings like in Maxwell Render, to enable changing the default sky tones and hues. I often decrease the sun's strength and increase the exposure settings to achieve a less saturated sky but this can also over expose the rest of the image, or you need to tweak it each different camera angle.

    It would be nice to be able to adjust the colour and intensity of the sky.