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    There's going to be a RTX preview available soon after the 2.5 release, more details will follow then :)

    1) yes, exactly

    2) Turning off layers is sufficient

    3) Depends on the distance of the trees to the building. Usually scenes with even a couple of hundret meters in each direction aren't an issue at all. Only huge environments in the kilometer range are difficult.

    "...which may somtimes result in worse shadow quality when you're using a very narrow field of view..." I don´t understand what you mean here ?

    Narrow field of view -> See Enscape settings "Field of view". A "natural" field of view is somehwere around 90°, if you've set values <60° this acts basically as if you're zooming in with a zoom lens and therefore the camera position is rather far away from your geometry, which results in a less optimal shadow quality.

    The amount of memory doesn't translate into performance - it "just" allows you to work with larger/more detailed scenes (geometric detail, texture resolution) with higher screen(shot) resolutions. Memory clock/frequency and bus width however does have a significant effect on bandwith, which is very relevant for Enscape. The bandwith of the 1080ti is slightly higher than the RTX 2080, but all in all performance of the 2080 should be slightly better. So price/performance of the 1080ti might give the "best bang for the buck" at the moment, however it's simply not as future proof, as it doesn't support hardware raytracing (RTX) like the RTX 2080, which is definitely going to be a plus soon. ;)

    Currently, because of technical constraints the web standalone is basically running in draft mode. So, unfortunately the result is as expected. We are working hard on improving the fidelity of the web standalone.

    In addition to that however I'm quite sure that the settings used for the web standalone differed to the used for the comparison screenshot. Most likely contrast and or saturation were set to a much higher value. You might want to try to reset all settings before exporting and see if that resolves the issue.


    It looks like Chrome metals are broken? As soon as you make them 95% glossy or less they turn black. Although when rotating the scene you will see glossiness until you pause.

    Hi Hillmeister and welcome to our forums!

    That's an issue we're aware of and which will be fixed in the next Preview version release. Thanks for the report! :thumbup:

    Good news on that matter - we've in fact made progress tracking down the issue with the help from some of you guys. So first of all: Thank you all for your continued dedication to helping us to improve Enscape :thumbup:We'll probably release a Preview build in the next couple of days that'll contain the fix, which you can then all validate for yourself :)

    Hi Herbo,

    sorry for the trouble. This was an issue with the currently released Preview version - we're close to releasing the next version, where this is already resolved. However in the meantime I'd suggest to either install the last official 2.4.2 release or a previous Preview version in order to set things up in the About window. If it's only the license key you want to enter, you can also simply start the renderer and click on the prompt in the pop-up window to jump directly to the license key window.

    Hope that helps! :)

    We've had it happen in a Sketchup file yesterday using the latest preview. The interesting thing was that if we copy the offending items (a few windows) in an empty sketchup file it was fine.

    Woah, that's interesting! Same machine? Does it occur again if you copy the rest of the scene afterwards as well?

    Yes we're definitely interested in both Sketchup files (please contact either Pete Chamberlain or Demian Gutberlet ) and exact machine details (best use the send feedback with log).

    Thanks in advance!

    Fun stuff! :) You could try to give those spikes on the back a vegetation type material so they might show some translucency. With our upcoming Preview you'll also be able to give that eye material some additional a clear coat on top *hinthint* ;)

    I didn't expect an other UI of the global atmosphere options, since it doesn't need a host functionality. So, I hope it will find it's way to Rhino too. Thanks for the note. :)

    The shadow sharpness slider is included in the latest Preview version only (it's independent from the software you're using it with (Rhino/Revit/Sketchup/Archicad).

    I can reproduce the problem. It seems the further the sill is away the from camera the more pronounced the problem seems to be.

    For me increasing shadow sharpness improves it, but doesn't solve it.

    This is a correct observation - shadow resolution is higher around the camera, which may somtimes result in worse shadow quality when you're using a very narrow field of view (as you're then normally more far away from your model). We're working on improving that for the next version.

    Another good practice is not to use a large terrain mesh/ground plane around your building. The larger your scene's extends the more has to fit on a limited shadow texture resolution, which inevitably leads to light leaking and other issues we've seen here.

    Thanks a lot for your feedback on that matter!

    I am using the latest release (preview). I have not tested with the last official release.

    the problem was the same on nvidia driver 417.34. I updated the driver to 417.71 to see if the problem was fixed, but no luck :-)

    Did the issue occur with the previous Preview you've installed? Do you have any other systems with the same or different graphics cards, where you can reproduce the issue?

    We're doing our best to pin-point the issue. Unfortunately there seem to be several configurations where these artifacts might occur and it looks like our fix (which we've rolled out for both the v2.4.2 release and current Preview) does fix only one of them.

    Thanks everyone for their patience.

    We've been able to reproduce some of the issues you've reported with our VivePro when it's running in wireless mode. Explicitly worse latency and reprojection artifacts (which lead to tearing/distortions of the image). These issue were a lot less visible when running on draft quality, so it's very likely that they're mostly performance/frame rate related.

    Since Enscape is doing exactly the same thing when running in wireless or wired mode there's unfortunately not much we can do on our end the moment. We'll get into contact with Htc/SteamVR on that matter, since it's likely a hardware/driver specific issue of the wireless setup.

    For the time beeing I'd recommend to either work with lower quality settings or go with a wired setup if possible.