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    jamesjordn we're not automatically changing quality settings, except for VR (where quality is always shifted by one level due to performance).

    What makes you think the quality in the 2nd image is decreased except for the smoother quality settings transition?

    If it's the slightly blue tint of the lighting in the hallway, this is probably because the added furniture in the room increased the polygon count in your scene so that some walls of the hallway outside the view cannot be considered anymore for global illumination, as we currently have a fixed polygon limit for that. This doesn't mean that the quality level itself is reduced.

    The usual lag you experience when switching quality levels comes from shader compilation, as there are a lot of quality level specific settings in shader code.

    Now when you switch back and forth between quality levels the shaders for this level will already be compiled, because we cache them during runtime.

    Clemens Musterle Thanks so much for the reply.

    I have not tried version 3.5 yet in VR. You are right, the goal would be for noise to be reduced significantly in VR. Do you recommend Ultra for VR?

    Is there a clear distinction for the different rendering modes: Basic, Medium, High, and Ultra? If there is some verbiage on these options? If there is, I can let my team members know this for better usage in design and presentations. Thanks

    If you strive for best lighting quality, yes I'd recommend Ultra for VR given a powerful enough setup to run it fluently.

    Here you can find an overview of the different quality levels (including a passage how they map to VR):…gebase/rendering_quality/

    tldr; To reach higher frame rates VR quality is basically reduced by one for each level, thus Ultra in VR is close to "High Quality" for regular viewing.

    Hi fraserpries

    what you see here is a so called Moiré pattern. It's a common problem in digital images/videos that also occurs even on regular digital photographs.

    Cause is the very high frequency detail in the vertical siding relative to your video's resolution. Thus you can try to increase the rendering resolution (also check if DLSS is enabled in the Renderer settings & try disabling it) - this should improve the outcome at least when viewed with a high resolution monitor. Another option would be an image filter to counter the effect in some video post processing software.

    Hope that helps!

    Hey jnurnberger

    thanks for the question. Technically yes you could bake diffuse indirect lighting - there are a lot of different approaches game engines used or still use, but the trend in general is to do these computations in real-time, because all baking solutions come with a lot of complexity and their own hurdles.
    That's the main reason we're not really considering it at the moment and focus on improved real-time GI to be honest.

    Reflections cannot be baked properly without severe loss in quality & correctness.

    Actually with 3.5 we feel that we've improved noise quite substantially for quality 'Ultra' as we now use a (real-time) light caching technique in conjunction with enabled hardware ray-tracing. Did you try VR with the new release yet?

    Hi cgranger

    there's no option to disable texture filtering in Enscape at the moment, as most use cases are for photo-realistic rendering.

    The only workaround that comes to mind would be to actually scale up the texture into a higher resolution, but with nearest filtering. This way the filtered result in Enscape will look mostly the same up close, however if the camera is further away you will still see blurry results, as it will use mip maps, which are again filtered lower resolution versions of the texture.

    So I'm afraid this kind of rendering style is not really feasible with Enscape right now.

    Actually I am going to correct myself here. There IS a vibration feedback in 4.4, but it is so subtle that it always registered at "button pressed" feedback. The vibration in 3.5 is way to strong. Whiel we are on the topic of teleporting: Sometimes when pressing the trigger I teleport multiple times in quick succession an end up on the other side of the universe involuntarily. Easily reproduces when squeezing the trigger slowly. There is a "zone" in the trigger which registers as press and the code fails to check if the trigger was released again before firing a second "pressed" event. Easily fixable.

    burggraben just a heads-up for this: We've adopted the VR teleportation behavior as suggested. Feel free to give it a try in this new Preview :)

    Instead of my Index controllers I now see the Vive controllers in this preview. A step back, but I can live with that.

    However, on top of that I now get a super annoying vibration now every single time I teleport. It's not even a good vibration, it gives me a error-beep kind of feeling, like Enscape is trying to warn me. Plus, it is drains the battery of my right controller. Please let me turn that feature off. Please.

    Hey burggraben thanks for your feedback! Vive index controllers will be shipped after the 3.5 release, we've updated Enscape to the new OpenXR standard, which unfortunately doesn't allow us to automatically retrieve the controller models anymore, so we have to build & integrate these manually for every controller type on the market, which takes some time.
    We'll reconsider the vibration feedback on teleport to be less distracting!

    Something is messed up with lighting in the Enscape window live view in preview 15. See comparison of normal view in preview 14, and weird sections with incorrect lighting calculations in v15. As I turn the view I can see alternating patches of correct and incorrect lighting.

    Thanks for your report! This is unfortunately a known issue with Preview 15 and will be fixed with the next Preview release.

    Hi Clemens,

    Yes, it's Sketchup and yes, the normal of those faces is correct.

    I am going to try to add some informations. I hope will help.


    Thanks, that looks all as expected. I cannot explain right now, why this wouldn't work on this setup - the multibounce reflections should kick in, once the camera stops moving ("restmode") or when you do an image capturing.

    If possible, would you mind sharing the Sketchup project with Demian Gutberlet to have a look at?

    That's definitely not the expected result for this scene. If this is Sketchup: Can you please make sure that the mirror material is the front side material?