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    OK, I'm going to think about all those informations, and i'll make my choice.

    Knowing all that, maybe oculus could be better, i've a bit of time to think about it !

    Thank you very much for all those very usefull informations, it really helps !

    Hello, i'm about to buy a VR headset, but i didn't yet.

    I have time to wait, so i can wait for having a valve index in a near future.

    But i'm wondering if it would be better to have, for example, an oculus rift-S because it would probably work better with 3D softwares like enscape.

    You, for example, what would you prefer to have as VR headset ? Which one would be recommanded by Enscape now and in a near futur ?

    Maybe it's possible to have a Valve Index on the head and oculus controllers in the hands ? It could work you think ?

    Thank you very much for your answer !


    do you have any news about the Valve Index VR ?
    Is it supported, by Enscape, now ? Anyone knows if it works with Enscape (also with the controllers) ?

    Thank you very much for your attention,