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    No - the AI will not work for videos. Still images only. There are other tools online if you need to upsample video. It's not a fast process not likely useful compared to an experienced professional using a different tool (Chaos Vantage, Unreal Engine, etc).

    Hey Damian - What are the plans for being able to render ahead of the design process in Enscape? As you may have noticed these kinds of AI tools are becoming incredibly useful and easy to use for speculative rendering in order to explore emotional vectors to satisfy early design iteration.

    Two examples:

    1. Relight tool in Magnific ( The ability to render potential lighting based on text, descriptions or sample images seems extremely useful, saving an enormity of time and manual design iteration in exploration. Magnific he's also very useful for up sampling entire images as discussed here:

    Increased Realism in Enscape Renderings via Upsampling
    Upsampling images is a fast and easy way to increase the realism and detail in your Enscape renderings. Sign Up for Enscape Monthly Updates! Enscape people…

    Note the detail added to the readers watch.

    2. Detailed design exploration and low level detail models and sketches from text prompts as shown in Veras. This process bypasses the necessity to model considerable detail in order to render.

    Overall, can you address development plans to utilize AI to speculatively render ahead of manual and time-consuming design modeling (which requires highly specialist and time consuming modeling / rendering tools)?

    Best thread ever. <3  :D

    My business partner and I were discussing AI rendering iterations the other day based on an internal development. After a certain number of, iterations AI would randomly put boobs on things. Even if we're rendering buildings - after enough iterations, the buildings start getting things that are shaped like boobs. So please don't get angry at the Enscape development team.

    If you're running Revit on OSX via virtualization (Paralleles, etc.) not supported.

    If you're running Revit on a Mac in Windows via Bootcamp it's unlikely your Windows computer has the recommended system requirements.…base/system-requirements/

    If your computer meets the minimum system requirements, you should update your graphic card via the manufacturers website (not via Windows update). You should also turn off hardware acceleration in general settings.

    You should also disable other plug-ins temporarily, and then try to start Enscape.

    Hey Elliott - Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to answer your question directly, but suggest another workflow for using Enscape with Revit. If you export your custom asset as an OBJ file, you can import it into an empty Revit family, and then nest into your fire extinguisher family. This allows proper scheduling and sufficient visualization for documentation in Revit, but also high resolution visualization at fine level of detail for exploration / rendering in Enscape.…it-enscape-ftw-phil-read/

    Hope this helps.

    Rhino, Twinmotion, 3ds max, Corona, Unreal Engine 5.3, Vray, & Adobe Suite are not Enscape or designed to work like Enscape. Stop presuming that just because other rendering applications work in remote environments therefore, Enscape must work in a remote environment. The Enscape development team isn't being indifferent to customer needs. They're designing Enscape to work in a particular way (live updates with the design file), requiring particular graphic hardware resources (which may presently exclude working in remote environments). In the past, Enscape may have worked in remote environments, but as graphic hardware has evolved, certain features that Enscape wants to take advantage of on localized GPU may not work well or at all in remote environments.

    I suspect the path to your materials on your work computer is a different path to your materials on your home computer.. You may want to create an additional render path to the materials folder on your home computer.

    Enscape has never supported virtualized Environments (Parallels, VMWare) as Enscape requires direct access to the graphic card. Remote workstations may work with Enscape but it's not officially supported. You may want to reach out to NVIDIA as well as consumer / prosumer GPUs are not officially supported for remote work.

    The big lesson here is don't expect Enscape to use limited resources (for designing, testing, and supporting software) to work in unlimited configurations. RTFM.