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    Sorry, I searched for the post and didn't double check where the thread was issue is happening in relation to Enscape within Revit, rather than Sketchup.


    I have just found this thread and am having exactly the issue described by Ted.Vitale with a current series of video exports we are completing, was a solution ever identified. We are running windows 10 with all updates, but I get taken to the same page.

    Its a big file / complex model and the videos are typically taking 2-3 attempts to work (as this troubleshoot error comes up), I then don't do anything different and it will work.

    If anyone has any further thoughts on this, I would really appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance,


    Hello DanS and Jonathan Knoefel

    Just wanted to say your help is very much appreciated and thanks for welcoming me to the forum!

    It has been great to get input from people and given us the confidence to take the plunge with AXYZ content etc.

    I'll post some of the results of the work in the next couple of weeks and hopefully provoke further discussion!

    Thanks again,


    Yeah with the Automobiles and especially Custom RPC's you download from AXYZ for example it will be 3D+ and should show in 3D.

    DanS Thanks for the response,

    Useful to discuss and much appreciated! I thought that might be the case with 3.D+.

    I haven't yet found any trees which are 3D+ (beyond the standard ones which work really well and the odd spider plant).

    Could I ask what you use for these? Do you have a comparable source to AYXZ or just utilise a combination of 3D Archvision or standard Enscape content?



    Richard Pulford It depends on the content. A lot of the Archvision content is 2D unless they're marked as 3D+. 3D means that there are multiple views for the 2D content so that it flips when you walk around it.

    Please check out our blog posts about RPCs:

    Thanks Jonathan for your response,

    I have been referring to the blog posts and they have proved very useful, so thank you.

    Yes I noticed the flipping of trees etc on 3D, which we can't really use for our current purposes.

    It seems like 3.5D is the way forward to us. As a result, I have been looking at the AYXZ people as well. Could I quickly check, if I have the Enscape setting for replacing Archvision content ticked (because the trees are set up correctly etc) will I be able to see both the Enscape standard 10 people and any AYXZ people I purchase. Enscape won't replace the AXYZ people will it?

    Might be a silly question, but thought it worth checking for the avoidance of doubt!

    Thanks in advance.


    Thanks very much for the response and Happy New Year to you also!

    I've since downloaded the free trial which has been useful, to utilise the diverse array of people, I have de-selected the 'Replace Archvision Content' in my Enscape settings. This seems to result in the content not actually appearing in 3D though (unless it is 3D+ in the dashboard)...

    Does that sound right? or am I missing something?

    Both people and trees look good from eye level, but when viewed from an elevated position can be seen to be 2D (see attached snapshot)



    We're using the RPC's from Archvision in our Revit projects and they work really well. I think we purchased the 3DS Max versions but the RPC is a simple drag and drop into Revit through the Archvision Dashboard.

    Hi DanS

    You mention your use of Archvision content via the dashboard, we are considering purchasing this mainly for people and plant variety. Do the people tend to map well in Enscape? It looks like there are hundreds of 3D people, but is that really the case in practice? Might sound like a daft question....but thought it worth checking!



    Unfortunately Clemens that has not worked, we are both now on version 2.1 of Enscape, but the trees still appear to be referencing incorrectly in the two files. Do you, or anyone else have any ideas for things we could try to resolve this?

    Both snapshots attached are from the same file, same view, default settings and as you can see some of the trees are the same and some are different....

    Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered to help resolve...


    Hello everyone,

    Apologies if this has been previously discussed. We currently have an issue with some RPC tree / plant families from the free download / core families file that I wonder whether someone could assist with.

    We have one person putting in plants/trees into the file and the content looks great in Enscape. We then look at the same file on a different PC and some of the families appear different. We have matched Enscape settings and checked that Archvision content is being replaced.

    It looks like the render appearance is somehow being mixed up (only in particular instances, some are fine) for one of the two users, has anyone else experience this issue? or has any thoughts on things we could try?

    Thanks very much in advance for any thoughts...