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    I'm afraid, this is currently not possible, but you found a nice workaround. Is this something you'd like to see implemented into Enscape? :)

    Sometimes a steady round path is desirable and as said, other renderingsofware has it.

    Useful like the steady path in the animations ouside and inside house in Enscape promo video


    With "shadowcatcher option", you're referring to something similar like a white room/stage, where shadows of the object would be cast on the ground?

    Yes please. Productdesigners would love it.

    Seeing this video above the screen is all black in Enscape. Which settings do you use to get the black night time scenes with stars and moon visible? I can only get dawn/dusk with sun lit up the sky

    I use SketchUp 2018

    Testing animation with a model i just made in SketchUp. Is there a way to set up a ¨Round Table¨animation in Enscape?

    Tried to set up kind of spin around model but difficult to make a steady animation. I miss a shadowcatcher option in the white Background mode. would be great for product visualisation.

    It would also be nice to adjust timing in timeline by dragging the the arrows to even space/the time between cameras

    BTW; -Exporttime is great!! (last preview)

    Exactly. A white studio with ground for shadows. Possibility of using HDRI images for lighting. infinit background like photographer use a curved white backdrop for smooth transition.

    HDRI images or atmosphere working almost in your ¨white mode¨choice

    Here is how it works in Keyshot:


    • StudioLightingHDRI.jpg

    In some cases I´d like to use Enscape for object or product rendering. It would be nice if Enscape could have some premade studio environments in the presets casting shadow on floor.

    Hi Epix, thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, we can not see your image attachments. You have to use the attachment upload when posting your post and then click Thumbnail or Full Image to insert it into your post. The YouTube videos look nice!

    Don´t know what happened. Used your method and was O.K on preview. I did same thing over. Hope it is O.K now ; )

    Hello everyone. I am quite new to this fantastic software and still exploring the possibilities. Here are som test projects using SketchUp as modelling tool. I really love the simplicity and ease of use in the spirit of SketchUp and it has in a very short time become my favorite render sw. Waiting impatiently for the new HTC Vive Pro Kit to test Enscape VR.

    Exhibition both

    My old laserprinter

    Compact living test (Animation)

    surveying roof of a town hall (Animation

    How do you make a material emissive? Trying to make visible/glowing downlights from ceiling..

    Is there a special tutorial showing this? arealights?