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    Hi Everyone,

    On Revit, we usually have linked Revit files on which we work on (say MEP model on a linked Arch model)

    I am wondering if it is possible to toggle the transparency of the linked Model(Arch one) on Enscape so that we can see the concealed services in walls, floors etc.

    I changed the visual display on Revit to "wireframe" hoping Enscape would render it like that but in vain.

    Many thanks to advise on the above.


    Hi Pete,

    This is wonderful. I have tried the new update and it is fantastic. Love the integration with BIMTrack.

    One question though. Is there a way that I can create/ manage issues from a VR headset directly.

    I currently showcase projects using an HTC vive pro and I am wondering if the collaboration feature exists in VR.

    Thanks and continue the amazing job!!

    Dear Phil,

    Can I get your advice on this.

    I know that Revit can be quite limiting in terms of material assignment etc.. unlike Sketchup which has more advanced features to achieve same.

    We have been using Enscape with Revit since it provides a smoother workflow to move from BIM models to VR models. However, the downside of using Revit is that we still have issues to increase realism in our models.

    According to you, if we want to achieve better visualizations, is it worth it that we consider Sketchup while considering that this might complicate our project workflows( i.e. BIM Models->SketchUp->Enscape)

    Best Regards,


    Hello Awesome people,

    I just started using Enscape and I find it amazing!!!

    One thing is when I render 4K videos from a BIM model(in Revit 2019) I fail to acquire the same results as some of you guys achieve in terms of realism.

    Grateful it would be if you could provide your experience and advise so that I can improve my model.

    P.S. please find the link to my rendered video here:…z-cj6SaD/view?usp=sharing…E2yXN7HY/view?usp=sharing