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    +1 here too.

    We use iPads extensively for our presentations these days, abandoning laptops. We'd LOVE enscape for iPad. Even a viewer that was stable enough to run on remote desktop without skittish controls would be a marked improvement. But a native iPad option would open the world, literally for our presentations and for our clients, putting the models in their hands. If we could then use the iPad interface for conducting meetings online, viewing common positions and objects together, we'd really be on to something...

    Personally I'm not happy. Enscape could have at least brought the functionality of the custom RPC element online before forcing this separation. We're going to have a gap in workflow while you guys are trying to figure all this out? From a business perspective and a personal attempt to have empathy, I understand all the arguments. But all the empathy doesn't change the situation you're putting your customers in. Our illustrations are taking a hit... and my confidence in you guys to be focused on a developing a product that is taking steps FORWARD is taking a hit. This is a step backward.

    We won't be upgrading enscape for a while now because of this. Autodesk has been making arguments like this to Architects for years, taking our subscriptions and developing things that help Autodesk gather more market position in other industries, but all the while forgetting about the development of features that Architects (their core business) find valuable. We've learned that Autodesk's request for empathy and patience is, in the end, them making excuses for not wanting to prioritize the needs of their core customers. This feels a LOT like that.

    PLEASE do not become like Autodesk. We tolerate it because there aren't any real alternatives to Autodesk. Its not quite the same with Enscape.

    I would like to second @angela_arch's request for a standalone ipad application. I recently watched a demonstration on Bimx from graphisoft and the integration of the 3D model into a sequenced set of viewpoints not all t hat dissimilar to the nature of saved views in the enscape viewer on a PC. The video can be seen here: Bimx. My partners and I routinely present from our ipads for interviews, project presentations, etc. We typically use PDF's to simplify the interface and then switch to other applications for viedo, etc. Its unfortunate that there is no possible viewer on the iPad for looking at standalone enscape files. We salivated at the integration of plan views with the models... but even a sequenced walk through of the models on an ipad interface would be INCREDIBLE.