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    A great feature would be to have a Proxy Manager? Similar to more traditional CAD Reference / Link managers to locate, review, open and remove Proxy files. I sometimes have upto 10 different proxy models located in a master file for animation work: Interior, Enclosure, Furniture, Exterior etc. etc. And the ability to quickly view and open within the Sketchup platform would be a real asset.


    Hi All,

    I am producing a few Video Flythroughs with Revit Enscape, I have experience with Still renders and am noticing the quality of the output of the video render does not match the still image quality, it does not align with the lighting, especially the subtle shadows and highlights that you can modify for the still captures and see in the Enscape viewport, but once the video is rendered, the lighting is more washed out and loses the depth of the shadows that you get if you were to render a still using the same settings - is this a known limitation of Enscape video rendering?

    Hi All,

    I have seen a few examples of people using the Transmutr app with Quixel Bridge export to a Enscape Proxy file.

    I tried it out this evening and once I open the Sketchup file and open the Enscape Material Dialog, it says the Albedo and Bump are invalid, so I relink the files and then the material is out of of scale and appears glitchy.... Has any one had this before? Using Enscape with the megascans would be a real game changer, Enscape - if you could bring this integration into the Enscape app somehow, it would expand your appeal to more VFX / photo real artists.

    I have attached some screengrabs for reference.