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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Thank you very much Demian,

    Sorry for the delay,

    no, license seems works now, it say 14 das left. I will test now ....

    OK; Trial License is ok,

    But when I try to load Enscape from VW it will stall with the :

    Prefetch Resources Progress Bar

    at 2%

    (latest Enscape Preview and this happens also with current VW 2022)

    Will try empty files from scratch ....


    I wonder why I get all your Forums actions duplicated in notifications ....

    Activating my post, every Reply to my Thread, ....

    (I checked a few times that I had only one Post send)

    Yes, because it may have fallen under the radar when sys regs where written.

    Why should a M1 Mini 16 GB be less suited than a MBA 8GB.

    Well there is a Enscape on Mac for Vectorworks Test overdue, but so far the

    M1 Mini runs great with a non-native, non-optimized Twinmotion though.

    Demian Gutberlet

    So far it did not work.

    Still it says invalid/0 days/expired ....

    But I downloaded 3.5 Preview which looks like it would theoretically

    also work on newer versions than VW 2022, which is great !

    Maybe just a connection or Firewall or such problem ?

    Just for convenience, here my footprint :


    I don't think so as it looks like Bricscad is using a more limited Enscape

    Version and sells it as its own Plugin (also Subscription only)

    But I would be happy to hear that the overall license would work for

    Bricscad's PlugIn too anyway.

    Meanwhile I installed it on Bricscad V22 for a trial period and it works.

    I am mainly interested in testing the Enscape Trial for VW on Mac.

    As there is no Mac VW version I decided to re-test a current Enscape

    version after some years again if needed on the PC instead.

    (Have to say that I am not a big fried of working Windows if avoidable)

    (And hope for a new trial period in case Enscape will finally release

    a Mac version for VW at one point)

    Windows 11 latest,

    Ryzen 3950, 64 GB RAM, RX 6800

    1. Searched for a Trial Download on Enscape site,

    found something, filled a form and waited - nothing

    2. Searched for a Trial Download on Enscape site again,

    found something new, filled an even more extended form and waited,

    download link mail arrived this time.

    3. Downloaded the *.msi.exe,

    double clicked to install,

    Windows does some work, asks for password,

    Windows throws out a Warning Message :

    this is not a suitable software version for your PC !?

    4. Tried installing again,

    same result.

    5. By accident I realized that Windows extracted a *.msi (without .exe ending)

    in my Download Folder,

    I tried to install the msi this time and it finally worked without any issues.

    6. tried to access it from a VW Beta version,

    was not able to access Enscape from there

    7. Went back to VW 2022, found the Enscape Palette and wanted to start testing.

    Opened a file and activated the plugin,

    > Warning Message : Your Trial Period has ended (!?)

    (Is there only a single Trial Period for a life time ?)

    Somehow I lost motivation and trial ambitions a little for now.

    I have a decent Windows 11 PC.

    I use it when necessary, like when 3950X CPU power or RX6800 GPU power

    needed. But usually I avoid it for anything else and just use my week interims

    16 GB M1 Mac Mini :)

    Enscape is far from being system relevant for me until today.

    I may just jump into it once it is running reasonably on Apple ARM.

    For now I mainly still do my old school VW / C4D CPU Render workflow.

    But for real time I am currently into Twinmotion.

    And the times when I compared TM and tested Enscape Trial - with large quality

    differences in GI - a few years ago, aren't that exciting anymore to spend

    into a (not really loved) Subscription only offer.

    But of course, once the Mac Version is Apple ARM ready, i will test another

    Enscape trial with open expectations.

    On Vectorwork's Roadmap Site,

    "Enscape Integration on Mac" is listed on actively working on.

    A new release of VW should be expected as usual for mid September.

    I think that might be a nice datum.

    So if nothing goes wrong, my Glass Ball estimates in 4-5 weeks or so :)


    is there some List for Enscape's Material Replacement "Naming Scheme" anywhere ?

    Bricscad Help only mentions Grass and Water.

    But I am pretty sure I have seen Exchange reacting also to things like Metal and such.

    While I sometimes may use english Layer naming,

    for Materials I somehow prefer German Names.

    So Enscape may not find my "Gras" when it is triggered only by "Grass" and such.

    So if I need to adapt my "Office Standard", maybe at one point, for Layer or Material Naming,

    I would like to do it right

    I see that so far the Enscape for Bricscad plugin is still available for V22.

    We will see if something changes for V23 in a few months.

    a) I hadn't time to ever test the trial and

    b) I work on macOS

    I wasn't that exciting when the plugin was released as it was the renderer

    only. And Bricscad so far has very simple 90ies style and tedious Material

    System only.

    But I followed a few forum threads from the Bricscad Help System which

    was linked in that Enscape Blog Post and saw that there are, except Material

    and Library options, still the whole Render Settings including Physical Sky.

    So more that I thought.

    Maybe I should finally test the trial on PC.

    OK, just controlling Materials from Bricscad by compatible naming to get

    any arbitrary Grass or Water Material from Enscape doesn't look very exciting.

    But if Bricscad will also get a macOS version at one time or even the full

    Enscape, it could be worth it.

    So far Bricsys has licensed Enscape to offer it as an own subscription

    plugin inside Bricscad.

    But just the RT Renderer only. No libraries, material settings and such

    Which isn't that good if you also user other Software, which would

    all work with a single universal from Enscape.

    I have not heard so far that Bricscad's Enscape Plugin would get


    But it would free the way for a full feature Plugin provided byEnscape.

    Will look into it.

    In 2010, settled on Mac after switching from PC, Microstation, 3dsMax, ... background.

    I seriously tried all Nemetschek Allplan (ok not Mac), Archicad and Vectorworks.

    (And FormZ, Sketchup and such things)

    Archicad was strange and new too, but with a few of their tutorials I was able to rebuild

    my parent's house in 3D pretty easily. I really liked Archicad. Similar with Allplan, which

    I worked with before in an office.

    Just with Vectorworks, I was not even able to move things in a controlled way :)

    Somehow I finally bought VW in 2014 anyway.

    Mainly because i misunderstood or misinterpreted VW's Feature Set.

    But I decided to go through it, got comfortable with it after 3 or so years and now it is

    a love and hate. Some more love percentage now since VW's latest versions.

    As I do mainly Visualization and BIM, I still think it is the right App for me.

    But if I would do real architectural planning, I would have switched to Archicad in a


    Of course. In this meantime this offers greater compatibility and time to market.

    Hmmh !?

    I think the goal is a universal binary that will run on Intel Macs as well as installing

    a native (and optimized !) ARM Version on M1/2 Macs.

    And as Intel Macs are in fact really outdated already (prices for used models)

    I wouldn't mind (or honestly expected) that Enscape just focuses on

    an Apple ARM only App.

    Honestly, I am a bit shocked to read that Enscape Beta only runs via Rosetta2.

    Sounds promising :)

    The first thing I did was looking for the recommended Specs,

    but was happy that M1 Macs / Apple ARM were listed.

    So that should not be the reason for crashing.

    I also got an Enscape Mail Announcement of the Mac Beta today.

    (Maybe it is in your SPAM folder ?)

    But unfortunately I do not use Sketchup.

    Have to wait until a Vectorworks compatible Beta arrives - if at all ....

    I would say VW has the most superior 2D Features and usability.

    But VW is a true 3D App since decades.

    Of course it is oriented to a kind of 2.5D approach, which is very handy

    for typical architectural work and thinking, but this is which is even more

    true or restrictive in Archicad.

    Beside that VW offers sufficient and comfortable free form modeling,

    like SubDs, NURBS, NURBS Surfaces, non destructive Boolean Operations,

    true Parasolid Modelling Core Solids Modelling, Surface Arrays and what not.

    And all that geometry can be easily bimified by adding IFC Tags and/or put

    into a Hybrid object for proper plan generation.

    It is just that the VW Architectural Object Tools are not as detailed and sophisticated

    as in Archicad. On the other side you are far more less restricted in design freedom

    in VW, when it exceeds the limitation of the given parametric Tools.

    But yes, in VW you can create absolutely beautiful 2D Drawings, Layouts and Plans

    very easy and comfortable.

    As I like parametric modeling with components very much for architectural projects,

    I am a big fan of Archicad and had much fun with it.

    I own VW and have fun with it too.

    I think on the App graph from Design down to Bureaucracy looks like this :

    Vectorworks -> Archicad -> Revit

    (where each has its pros and cons)

    Isn't Parallels on M1 Macs offering only Windows for ARM VMs ?

    Where x86 Apps will be emulated in Windows for ARM.

    (A bit more complex and slower than Apples Rosetta 2 ?)

    So if Parallels may be able to bring fast Vulkan support, it may

    also need to run through the emulation without larger losses.

    So does this currently work well for 3D demanding Apps like Revit

    (or Games) and OpenGL ?

    I remember that I needed tu run my Microstation via Parallels 10-15

    years ago on the fast Mac Pro 2.1.

    It was always too slow to be usable on VMWare. Worked reasonably

    well via Parallels.

    But by accidentally using any more exotic OpenGL features, like e.g.

    activating full view crosshair cursor could slow Microstation down

    completely and make it unusable.