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    I don't know if it's possible to export to a Mac format in Windows and vice versa. It could be like a pdf which can be read/opened on both operating systems.

    Is it about exporting a standalone ?

    Should be a Container that includes an EXE and an App to execute Enscape

    and a single Data File, shared by both.

    Otherwise it is quite common to share and open 3D Data Files between both

    System. Like we do with Modo, C4D, Vectorworks, Bricscad, .....

    Just one potential problem, Paths for Render Output, Resources or Textures.

    Although both may have access to the same drive, with Windows drive letters

    and forward vs back slashes - this is no fun.

    According to the newsletter,

    Beta in March 2022, fine.

    But for Sketchup only. Hmmh ....

    No Sketchup here. My App hierarchy is

    - Vectorworks

    - Bricscad

    - C4D

    - Modo

    - and maybe Blender in the future

    I can imagine that so far most Enscape users use Sketchup or Revit.

    But for the Mac Version, wouldn't it be more likely Vectorworks or Archicad ?

    Just testing out the latest TM update that now includes Path Tracing and.....I'm seriously impressed.

    I am not impressed :)

    As I am a Mac User and TM Path Tracer does not work on Mac at all.

    Also I am a part time PC user - but TM's PT will crash on AMD GPUs so far ....

    People need to remember that the M1 is a CPU and not a GPU

    M1 is all,

    a SoC.

    CPU cores, shared memory, GPU cores, security enclave, SSD controller,

    i/O controller, machine learning cores, video accelerator, ...

    In any combination and specific distribution and amount, whatever Apple

    thinks is useful for a specific Mac.

    For now we have M1 and it is more capable than we expected.

    And for the same power it is so far more energy efficient.

    Not that important for a desktop fan like me with a M1 Mini,

    but still nice to know and never hear a fan.

    I mean Parallax shading, it is a fake displacement using heightmaps.

    Got it.

    Yes that is nice for cheap bump maps to fake some more depth and shadows.


    So far avoided Displacement wherever I could because of render times.

    Same for Normal Maps.

    I tried them a few times and also thought they are increasing render time

    but I did not see any advantages.

    But maybe I am wrong with that. Any other experiences and opinions

    I totally agree with your description.

    Twinmotion doesn't support parallax.

    What do you mean by parallax ?

    Architectonical Camera ?

    (2 point perspective to avoid distortion of vertical lines is there)

    Lumion has the best library and some amazing features like adding dirt, round edges, growing ivy.... (It would be nice to see some of those in Enscape).

    Would be nice to have that in both, Enscape and Twinmotion.

    Overall TM render quality is ok for my render purposes but I would prefer

    Enscapes PBR approach vs TM/Unreal, mostly old school fake workflow with

    fake lights, reflection probes and all such things I thought having left behind

    with the beginning of this Millennium :)

    For me Unreal is a Monster of Software and not the GUI/UX I like to use.

    But there is everything in there for highest quality. Once features like

    raytracing, PBR, .... find their way into TM, TM will also be a great alternative.

    For now I would prefer Enscape on Mac for its physical approach and the

    great Light and Sky System.

    Apple April Event happened.

    Now it looks like we M1 Mac users may run our M1s a few moths longer than

    expected until we get something beefier .... so the M1 Mini will pay off.

    If I had had the chance early this year, I think I would have gone for the M1

    iMac instead of my M1 Mini.

    (My early Apple USB Aluminium keyboard is going tp die soon anyway and

    I would have a free monitor)

    Sorry if you thought I was being rude to you.

    Not at all.

    no problem from my side.

    At the beginning of M1 I was sure that at least three month later (february)

    we would see the next M(?) iteration.

    We are already a bit late now. (After waiting for nearly a decade)

    And with all Covid, chip shortage and such, I am no more sure if we will see a

    really fast iMac and MBPs until the end of this year.

    Maybe just announcements at WWDC.

    But we may see tomorrow ....

    But I stay that Apple ARM is a great architecture and the M1s are already

    more capable than anyone could expect. So I am looking forward for any

    compatible App that starts optimizing for Apple ARM in the near future.

    Until I can get something bigger than my M1 Mini.

    I am a +1 idiot too.

    All my main 3D Apps are still Intel and far from being optimized for Apple ARM.

    Only half of them are at least reasonably compatible with Rosetta.

    Nevertheless these results are already stunning. I would never have expected

    that when I ordered my M1 Mini.

    There will have to come out a second generation of ARM products soon that

    has to be faster of course.

    If I can do my 3D and Modeling stuff already on my 1st gen low level M1 Mini

    already today and my both CAD Apps already announced they are willing to

    not only to fix Rosetta issues but want to bring a true optimized Apple ARM

    version in the near future, My 3D Apps already do or said to offer at least support.

    I will use my consumer-workstation PC less and only for final (mainly CPU)

    Rendering though.

    I had still reasonably success with Twinmotion on the old Trash Can Mac Pro,

    basically similar results with M1 Mini but some new real issues in performance

    with new Datasmith exports and stability. TM 2021 now already wiped out

    stability issues.

    So I have to think that I could easily do my stuff in real time rendering now,

    even more reasonably on M1 once Apps are really optimized for ARM and

    Apples APIs. And there have to come faster Apple ARM SoCs.

    So I am very confident and happy that I can stay, or better come back to,

    or with Apple, in the future.

    I think +1 idiots like me just show that there currently is some market for

    real time rendering on Mac which is only halfway covered by Twinmotion

    so development investments could pay off.

    Both Twinmotion and Enscape are very appropriate for typical Mac users.

    (E.g. vs Unreal Engine)

    Maybe software UI/UXs like Lumion too, but I think they aren't interested

    If someone like Enscape will take the risk is their decision and that is

    totally ok. If finally Mac ARM users have an Enscape solution or will

    be covered by the typical Add On CPU or GPU Renderers like Octane,

    Redshift, .... (VRAY GPU already stated having no interest), TM or

    new solutions may come earlier, we will see.

    If you try to see it from the opposite side.

    No Vulkan, no.

    But I expect a lot of cross platform Apps switching from internally from OpenGL

    to Vulkan, supporting Apple by MoltenVK. Blender as an example.

    I personally would prefer them truly optimizing for Apples Metal. I know at least

    one cross platform CAD App that will do.

    I hope same for Memory usage optimizations for Apples shared memory.

    No RTX of course, no.

    But Apple is developing own frameworks for Raytracing, as they are interested in AR.

    AFAIK, interesting is their approach to separate parts of the data in tiles or buckets,

    which allows even memory weak devices to render large scenes.

    Other than traditional GPU Rendering, where the whole render will fail if the model

    does not fit into your VRAM. It will take longer with a weaker device but it will work.

    I currently see that most of my 3D things run similar on my 40 Watt M1 Mini 16 GB,

    as they do on my Ryzen 3950X, 64 GB, RX6800 16 GB that may eat 500 or 600 Watt.

    If a project is no joy on M1, most times it is no joy working on the PC either.

    That is impressing to me.

    Beside, yes, raw CPU or GPU Render power is a few times faster on the PC.

    But modeling and working on 3D files is already nearly the same.

    Looks like current M1 Macbook Air is no real rendering device, but at least much more

    than a wireframe only 3D device.

    we will still see MacOS languishing behind what can be done on Windows in regards to the rendering tech compared to what's happening on Windows.

    I expect it a bit different.

    I think there will be very powerful and efficient Hardware from Apple and there will be very

    optimized and efficient Software for Apple ARM Macs, in the coming years.

    I think that there is a reasonable demand and there will be developers working on solutions.

    May not be the current dominators like VRAY or similar that don't signal interest.

    We will see.

    I am a Mac user so Twinmotion is the only option so far.

    (Beside Blender Eevee)

    The quality is not photo realistic but not so bad and sufficient for my work or clients.

    But I would prefer Enscape from render quality and GUI of course.

    TM 20 does not work fluidly on my M1 Mini, at least the last update got rid of crashing.

    But when TM 21 will be officially released and may run natively on Apples RM Macs,

    we should compare again.

    The other thing is the M1 chip cannot compete on the GPU stakes with discrete/external GPUs.

    We should not forget that M1 is just the first ARM Mac iteration from Apple

    for its lowest level devices you can imagine.

    Nevertheless most owners are deeply impressed what they can do with

    these devices. I personally can open and fluidly edit my ugliest largest

    crappiest CAD projects ever in Vectorworks on my m1 Mini 16 GB nevertheless.

    Similar to my Ryzen 3950X 64GB RX6800 16 GB PC, but with only 40 Watt.

    When were you ever able to do that on a Mini or MB Air the last decades.

    Yes, obviously no CPU multi-threading render wonder,

    Also not for GPU rendering.

    And so far we have to believe, if Apple will convert its whole Mac lineup during

    the next 2 years, that they have to also offer Mac Pro 2019 performance.

    If this is just by a larger SoC like M1x or if they work on any "external GPU, GPU

    or Raytracing accelerator cards over a proprietary high speed bus connected

    to the base SoC will be interesting, but irrelevant.

    I am sure a native Metal version of Enscape could fulfill many users needs

    for realtime visualization on low level M1 already.

    I am pretty sure it will not take very long until Apple presents the next iteration

    for the lower middle class devices like 21" (24" ) iMac, lower MMP with 16"

    screens or Mac Mini with again all I/O options.

    Even if there is only a 12 core CPU M1x, 4+8 cores vs current 4+4 Cores means

    nearly double the CPU performance. 16 vs current 8 GPU cores double the

    GPU performance.

    If I am happy already with my M1 Mini, I am pretty confident that I would be even

    more with that following generation.

    The larger 27" (30") iMac may use the next M2 (?) generation may not come

    before end of 2021 and the Mac Pro as last somewhere in 2022.

    These won't be a bargain though, but there is clearly a future again for Apple

    as a 3D platform after that very dry last period that started at least in 2012.