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    I tried to switch from Mac to Windows since 2 years now.

    I just don't like to work with Windows although all 3D App experience

    itself is great.

    I still don't like it and won't switch, especially since Mac got again an

    interesting platform again with coming ARM Apple SoCs.

    Hardware wise, I am pretty happy with my Ryzen 3950X and RTX 2070.

    But If I need to leave Mac for 3D I would rather go Linux with all its

    restrictions vs Windows.

    But YMMV ...

    I will play with Enscape on Windows as long as testing period allows.

    After that I can live well with the Mac alternative(s)

    If macOS support would mean a complete new team and a complete new

    development, we wouldn't have any cross platform Apps.

    Vectorworks does support macOS and Windows, Bricscad macOS, Windows

    and even Linux, same as Modo, VRay was cross platform, ....

    I would think there is much more App specific code that is shared on all platforms

    vs the API connections to operating systems.

    It gets indeed a bit more difficult in 3D DCC world since Apple deprecated OpenGL

    and not supporting Vulkan. But VW, Modo, C4D, ... will find ways to keep macOS


    But you are right, with Apple Silicon it doesn't make that much sense to keep on

    supporting mediocre cross platform that will use Vulkan via MoltenVK over Metal.

    Apple Silicon will not be superior on raw numbers but efficient.

    It will be superior in addition with optimized and effective Software only which makes use

    of Apples APIs. Like their Tiled Raytracing and optimizing code for their shared memory.

    That is where I expect to do similar things in 3D, CAD, and Real Time Rendering

    by a next iPad SoC in a small but thermally unrestricted desktop case, than what I do now

    on my 3950x with RTX 2070.

    I am pretty sure that Twinmotion will optimize for Apple Silicon like Unreal Engine.

    Cinema4D will do. Many others may just offer support but no real optimization.

    OK, it looks like Enscape, as today, is not interested in supporting macOS,

    although they recently collaborated with 2 new Apps that have a bunch of Mac users.

    I will accept that.

    Currently Twinmotion is basically the only serious Arch Viz real time engine on macOS.

    But there is still hope that there will be coming a true macOS App newcomer to

    fill the gap.

    The limit for large Models is the VRAM.

    For GPU Rendering, the whole model needs to fit in VRAM.

    I never had models using above 4-6 GB of VRAM so far.

    If you have, looking for Cards with more VRAM should help.

    A RTX 2080 TI has 12 GB, maybe you model would fit in.

    Quadros offer 16 or 32 GB. AMD VII offer 16 GB.

    So mostly "Pro" Cards only offer more VRAM than Gaming Cards

    at higher prices.

    An other solution is NVLink which is interesting as it can add the

    VRAM of all cards. Not sure if that works for all GPU Renderers.

    +1 for Mac

    As a Vectorworks user where Windows : Mac users are about 50 : 50

    And as a Bricscad user I even ask for a Linux Version.

    I read that Enscape is pure OpenGL 4.5 (?)

    I also read something about Enscape and Vulkan ?

    So native Vulkan for Linux and unfortunately Vulkan over Metal via MoltenVK for Macs ?