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    im curious about your m1 for architecture... what software are you using?

    Mainly Vectorworks + Cinema4D or Modo. Now more and more Bricscad too.

    For Real Time, as there isn't any other available on Mac for now,

    I have Twinmotion

    (And play with Unreal Engine, but this a monster, in my opinion)

    Twinmotion has some issues on my M1 Mini.

    I'lld say it is not yet ASi ready.

    I wait for a service pack.

    There are some M1 Blender forks and it will get some M1 support

    but we can't be sure how far M1 acceleration will get and how long

    it will take.

    But for me the Blender Intel Versions run quite well via Rosetta.

    It's possible to run Enscape on a Mac today using your existing Apple laptop for FREE without using Bootcamp! Here's how:


    my M1 Mac Mini does not run Windows by Bootcamp or VW.

    And I am pretty happy that it does no more run any (reasonable) Windows.

    As in the last decade, everything I need ran very well native Mac.

    Interestingly that lowest specced Apple Devices M1 Mac Mini 16 GB

    does already handle even my ugliest heaviest 3D or CAD Projects already

    in CPU and GPU.

    For CPU Rendering, I still have a fast 3950X 64GB RX6800 Windows/Linux PC,

    but I avoid it where ever I can for multiple reasons.

    And M1X is already near ?…m1x-1898-vs-apple_m1-1804

    And an opinion from a Blender Animator that shows some advantages of Apples

    new Silicon and eliminating architectural bottlenecks :

    (sorry a bit longwinded)

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    No, Intel Macs are already old school and outdated.

    And Mac users often don't accept a Workaround by Window for several valid reasons.

    No, I am sorry Phil,

    Bootcamp is not a viable solution.

    We want to use true Macs under macOS.

    And we would like an alternative to Twinmotion as the only Mac capable real time

    full Rendering package. Could be Enscape, could be Lumion, some of those other

    Windows only alternatives, or just a new Mac Developer App from scratch.

    This thread is already 8 pages and most of it are +1s.

    Overall it does not help to point repeatedly to Windows workarounds.

    VW Architecture here.

    On Mac.

    But I am sure that many VW Landmark users are interested too.

    I am not so sure about VW Spotlight, as they are often using Vision

    for an interactive presentation of their light effects.

    But if Enscape offers all effects like Fog, God Rays, .... in real time,

    why not.

    Can the new Mac book pro with M1 apple chips run boot camp windows and use enscape?


    There won't be anymore bootcamp on Apple Silicon.

    (natively booting Windows on Mac)

    Also pretty unlikely that there will ever be again eGPU support.

    Parallels is also not yet ready for Apple Silicon.

    (It runs but can't virtualize, so far)

    And when it will be it may be only able to virtualize a Windows for ARM,

    which may at one time being able to emulate X68 Apps.

    Which may not at all be suited well for any demanding 3D, CAD or realtime Apps.

    If you need Bootcamp, go with an Intel Mac.

    I learned about problems with Z fighting when I started my first renders.

    And I learned that is something that I should avoid in modeling at all.

    Not that I often had to deal with this.

    And I was always happy that Z fighting symptoms are already visible

    inside OpenGL Viewports and indicated modeling errors to solve ....

    I didn't even knew that there may had been ever any solution from software side.

    Are there any examples ?

    I mean even if there is a way that the Renderer decides to only show one of those

    faces without showing artifacts, in 50% of cases, it may show the wrong Face/Material (?)

    And honestly I think Sketchup's geometry is very bad and not compatible with

    any other Software outside when exported. At an extend that I always regret

    when a client delivered 3D Sketchup Models (It is already there and 3D ...)

    and always said I will refuse these next time.

    I mean things like non standard 3D Faces, that have a second Material at their

    back side. Basically coplanar Faces with different properties.

    But yes, there are so many SketchUp Users outside,

    if there is any possible solution from the Renderer's software side to make Sketchup

    geometries make look similar like they look inside Sketchup,

    that would be great and a great help.

    I tried to switch from Mac to Windows since 2 years now.

    I just don't like to work with Windows although all 3D App experience

    itself is great.

    I still don't like it and won't switch, especially since Mac got again an

    interesting platform again with coming ARM Apple SoCs.

    Hardware wise, I am pretty happy with my Ryzen 3950X and RTX 2070.

    But If I need to leave Mac for 3D I would rather go Linux with all its

    restrictions vs Windows.

    But YMMV ...

    I will play with Enscape on Windows as long as testing period allows.

    After that I can live well with the Mac alternative(s)

    If macOS support would mean a complete new team and a complete new

    development, we wouldn't have any cross platform Apps.

    Vectorworks does support macOS and Windows, Bricscad macOS, Windows

    and even Linux, same as Modo, VRay was cross platform, ....

    I would think there is much more App specific code that is shared on all platforms

    vs the API connections to operating systems.

    It gets indeed a bit more difficult in 3D DCC world since Apple deprecated OpenGL

    and not supporting Vulkan. But VW, Modo, C4D, ... will find ways to keep macOS


    But you are right, with Apple Silicon it doesn't make that much sense to keep on

    supporting mediocre cross platform that will use Vulkan via MoltenVK over Metal.

    Apple Silicon will not be superior on raw numbers but efficient.

    It will be superior in addition with optimized and effective Software only which makes use

    of Apples APIs. Like their Tiled Raytracing and optimizing code for their shared memory.

    That is where I expect to do similar things in 3D, CAD, and Real Time Rendering

    by a next iPad SoC in a small but thermally unrestricted desktop case, than what I do now

    on my 3950x with RTX 2070.

    I am pretty sure that Twinmotion will optimize for Apple Silicon like Unreal Engine.

    Cinema4D will do. Many others may just offer support but no real optimization.

    OK, it looks like Enscape, as today, is not interested in supporting macOS,

    although they recently collaborated with 2 new Apps that have a bunch of Mac users.

    I will accept that.

    Currently Twinmotion is basically the only serious Arch Viz real time engine on macOS.

    But there is still hope that there will be coming a true macOS App newcomer to

    fill the gap.