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    The limit for large Models is the VRAM.

    For GPU Rendering, the whole model needs to fit in VRAM.

    I never had models using above 4-6 GB of VRAM so far.

    If you have, looking for Cards with more VRAM should help.

    A RTX 2080 TI has 12 GB, maybe you model would fit in.

    Quadros offer 16 or 32 GB. AMD VII offer 16 GB.

    So mostly "Pro" Cards only offer more VRAM than Gaming Cards

    at higher prices.

    An other solution is NVLink which is interesting as it can add the

    VRAM of all cards. Not sure if that works for all GPU Renderers.

    +1 for Mac

    As a Vectorworks user where Windows : Mac users are about 50 : 50

    And as a Bricscad user I even ask for a Linux Version.

    I read that Enscape is pure OpenGL 4.5 (?)

    I also read something about Enscape and Vulkan ?

    So native Vulkan for Linux and unfortunately Vulkan over Metal via MoltenVK for Macs ?