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    Thanks for the replies! I will try the solution suggested by skhayward. It makes sense that the engine would switch to some kind of cubemap rendering for blurred reflections, when the roughness is above a certain threshold.

    I think there are still some issues in the frosted glass shader implementation. When using the legacy Solid Glass Revit shader with Roughness turned up, the glass looks very good, as long as there's natural light entering the space (ceiling and roof hidden in the first rendering). But as soon as the space is completely enclosed, the frosted glass takes on a luminous, glowing appearance.

    It looks like the glass might be reflecting the outdoor environment still, and the adaptive exposure makes the reflection seem super bright.

    Is there any possibility of fixing this issue?

    There seems to indeed be a problem with the displacement maps stretching depending on camera angle: when looking along the positive Y axis, the displacement looks correct, but when rotating the camera to face the NEGATIVE Y axis, the displacement stretches incorrectly.

    Fortunately this issue is restricted to the realtime viewport! When rendering out an image, the displacement is correct and not stretched.

    There is still the issue of displacement being too strong with the minimum bump setting (500). Will this be fixed in the next version? Ideally we would like to use PBR materials and height maps from commercial texture packages, without having to do levels adjustment in Photoshop for each individual height map.