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Please note: Should you experience issues with Enscape or your subscription, and in case of any urgent inquiries/questions (e.g. regarding our upcoming licensing changes) please reach out to our dedicated support team via the Help Center or Support button as detailed here.

    Hey, sent an email to support, did a ticket through the help center, but I've been without Enscape for about 14 hours the day after a project deadline due to the same licensing issue. I see that there's a machine fingerprint and I've only used this same PC for the 6 years I've been using Enscape. Multiple SketchUp versions of course, but same PC, no fresh OS install, no hardware upgrades, nothing and I've gotten this issue a few times over the years. I know piracy is always a concern, but if the needle could get pushed back a little more toward slightly more piracy friendly, but never locking out paying customers, that would be nice. I think the issue has to do with multiple SketchUp versions staying installed, but that's kind of a necessary evil at times.

    Is this still an issue over 3 years in? I don't need grass or carpet all that often in my renderings, but

    it really does look terrible. Been a while since I needed it so I searched the forum and it looks like this has been a known issue for quite some time. Perhaps I'm just on a dated version and that's not accurate? Is the attached what a zero height variation and zero height carpet or grass should really look like in Enscape at the moment?

    I'm having this same issue, I'm going to try and update to a newer version. This sounds exactly like a problem I'm currently having on 3.4.0 +84039

    I updated to the latest version and it improved the results slightly, but I'm still at 100k cd/m^2 and had to play around a lot with the object geometry to get anything close to the result I wanted, which was a backlit sign. I'm thinking emissive just isn't a good option for a backlit sign.

    This issue has persisted for some time for me and through multiple updates. I'm not on the latest now, but this is the first time Enscape had a fatal boot error but still let me get into SketchUp. Usually, SketchUp freezes and I get a window that's an endless loop of switch to, cancel, or end I think and none of them do anything and eventually, I just have to open the task manager and close the program from there. Now that I have a BootError log I figured I would share in case you can see what's happening. I feel like it's something to do with Dropbox. I think I've noticed in the past where a file still syncing on Dropbox won't open properly because of an Enscape error of some sort. I zipped the file to save you -23 bytes of data because apparently, a .log file is an invalid extension :-D. Crazy I've been a user for 5 years now, it's great software guys, thank you for the awesome work.

    Please, let us to edit the Asset Library model... It could cut out a lot of time re-using an already model, just changing the textures...

    Thank you


    Yep, came across this earlier, wanted to delete a few arms off a cactus to make it look more like the fake cactus I intended to use for a project and realized that even though I could "delete" it in the placeholder the render was still the full model. Would be great to have the ability to make minor tweaks to these models.

    I've done this one of two ways, for a curved surface, I create a PNG material with a gray transparent background that matches the glass setting I prefer and then I apply the "decal" on top and project this material onto the surface. For a flat surface, I've experienced the shadow issue you mention, but I find that if the image is glued to the surface or 1mm or less off the surface I don't get Z-fighting and I don't typically get the shadow issue, but I don't often put a decal on 2D glass so that may not work. What will definitely work though will be to create a new material as described earlier. Happy to send you an example.

    I've been having this same issue, keeps me from using SketchUp at all. I installed the latest version and that worked for a few days and then the same error with the latest version installed. I literally had to uninstall Enscape so I could open a SketchUp file. Please let us know how we can fix this issue. I have SketchUp 2021 and had the latest version of Enscape installed.

    Material presets are on our agenda, though propably not in the next release already. We will not continue to expand the functionality of the keyword matching, this is deprecated and is only useful for first-time-users that their materials look at least sometimes, somehow right. But now that there's a material editor, the keywords should now be used anymore.


    Awesome, presets are probably what I want. Basically, I have a ton of pre-built models already with custom attributes allowing the selection of colors, etc. I've already taken great care to name all of these materials based on the keyword system. Thus the request. I'd love to be able to tweak the presets, that's great, but since I already named the materials based on how those materials should behave, being able to batch edit all of those materials would be the fastest way to get amazing results, which is your forte.

    Thank you -

    Aaron Marr

    Did you tried to lower the metallic slider? So you should be able to get more plastic and less metal particles in your virtual paint. At the moment your car paint looks like a full metal only.


    Thank you for the suggestion, just tested it, that was exactly the problem. When I drop from 100% metallic to 0% and bring specular up to around 20% it looks great, better than before!

    Enscape team,

    So, initially I was thinking it would be great to have presets back to how they were, I already built a bunch of car models with paint color as a dynamic component option using the carpaint keyword. Going back and changing that for all of my models will take a lot of time. So my initial suggestion request was going to be, "Can you go back to the previous default for carpaint and just add in clearcoat as a new option?" That way my existing models behave as they did before. However, now, I have a new suggestion.

    What would be really sweet would be the ability to define our own keywords in the materials editor. So I could have everything that's supposed to be vinyl in my model look a little plastic, anything powder coated look a little plastic but slightly metallic and rough, I'm just getting used to these settings and I can see these are the keys to realism. Having the ability to set variables for things I commonly model would be amazing. I usually create dynamic components with color selections, and being able to set many of these settings with a defined variable included in the material name would really save time. Just a thought.

    Thank you -

    Aaron Marr

    I would regularly use this feature (MP4 textures), but my clients are not currently demanding it, so it would just be a nice feature to have and use.


    I love so much of the new 2.5 release, but unfortunately while the new car paint material looks amazing, it's not color accurate. Check out the red vehicle in the two attachments. What's on the billboard is the correct color and what's in the V2 rendering looks accurate, that was made with an older version of Enscape. With the newer version of Enscape I made the file Enscape_2019-04-15-20-13--03.jpg. It's a more metallic look, that quite frankly looks amazing, but it's more of a high end luxury car red. Is there a way to revert back to the original car paint settings with this latest version of Enscape? If not, may I ask, are there settings menu items you'd recommend I change to get the current version to look closer to the older version?

    Just so you know, my first reaction was, "Wow, this looks amazing." It really does look awesome in the new version, for my use case though, I'm just looking for as accurate as possible to the real life paint color of the vehicle.

    Thank you -

    Aaron Marr

    I've spent a while tweaking a lighting setting that "just works" without having to adjust sun position. A light source from the perspective of the viewer though, would solve many of my issues. Basically, if we could just say, "pretend I have a high powered flashlight facing the direction I'm looking" and we could adjust the lighting setting on that flashlight, that would be very useful for my use case. I don't use SketchUp for architecture, I use it for event layouts and renderings. So I want to make sure the creative used at the event is very visible, regardless of sun position, and I don't want to spend a lot of time fiddling with lighting for a "perfect" render, since I'm simulating a temporary event, not a permanent building. I know that makes my use case a minority use case, but I think some would still find it helpful. Basically, if I have a poster on a wall and I'm looking at that wall, I want to make sure it's very easy to read that poster.

    Enscape Team,

    Amazing work once again with this update! I love the many new features and I'm going to start sending Web Standalones to clients. Two quick questions for you, one, is there any chance higher resolution materials could one day be included for the web standalone? I'm sure that's no small ask, but you can see how I use materials for signage in the attached files and there's a pretty noticeable difference for the web version. The other quick question, any idea why I'm losing all of the red taillights for my vehicles? I'm thinking it may have to do with the fact that the red is behind a transparent cover? This is common to all of the vehicles in the model. Happy to send you a copy of the model for testing if you'd like.

    Thank you -

    Aaron Marr


    Awesome, thank you for the feedback. For anyone having this issue with InsiteVR the issue is that the 3D effect causes blurriness on the desktop view. This is a beautiful and clear 360 panorama in the headset.


    InsiteVR - desktop view quality is no indication of quality while wearing the headset. Uploaded Panorama images look great while wearing the headset. Thanks all!

    Best regards,

    Aaron Marr