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    I do know this topic has been done to death and the problem appears to be openGL support however my testing has shown that IF enscape is started locally on the remote machine, then a remote user logging in after that CAN see and interact with the Revit model in the Enscape window. If the window is closed they cannot reinstatiate it so it appears to be the act of starting Enscape remotely that is the issue, not interacting with it as such.

    With this in mind , does it point to any kind of techical fix for the issue?

    The perfect solution would be to have someone at the office to start Enscape, but that’s not going to happen.. Although, and that’s the interesting part, what we can do is assign a shortcut to start Enscape from the Revit option menu (i.e 11). Then open the “on-screen keyboard” in windows and type 11 from it. Essentially we need to simulate the keyboard from our office. We can’t use the keyboard at home but we can use the mouse and the “on-screen keyboard” in windows. Hope it helps.