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    During the pandemic, the requested feature of this thread is even more relevant, I would say, it is almost a must. As Universities and Schools are currently restricting mass gatherings and most of them are working through Distance Learning platforms, we are currently trying to setup a Virtual end-of-year exhibition-show for the architecture school I am currently teaching at. This will enable students to showcase their work and even get exposed beyond the physical boundaries of the actual building space. End-of-year exhibitions are the highlight of the academic year, for art and architecture schools worldwide, and a milestone event for every graduate. Can't think how I would feel if I was graduating and the exhibition was cancelled.

    To cut the story short, Enscape would have been a great tool for the cause if there was an option to disable Fly mode and Orbit. i.e. to enclose someone in a space. The feature would facilitate sharing such exhibition with less advanced users that would probably fly-out-of-scene and abandon their virtual visits out of frustration within the first minute.

    If there is the possibility, we are willing to try such a feature even if it is not fully developed as a proof of concept, and I will be happy to be contacted by any member of the enscape team regarding the above project.

    Thanks benjaminriendeau for initiating this tread.