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    I cannot seem to make a mirror work fully. The surface is mirrored and reflects the room and i can see the reflection when i get close to the mirror. It goes to black on the edges and as you walk away it gets darker and darker until the whole mirror is just black. I am doing a bathroom and thus have a big mirror above the sinks.

    Secondly the shower cubicle have glass doors which have a frosted look, or sandblasted. The Transparency set to Glass seems to make them glow in bright white, no matter which setting i change in the Texture Edit dialogue box, the glow does not go away, and the object defenitely does not turn transparent.

    ANd not to mention that the mirror has led lights in it, the white frames, which should be glowing and are not... i am yet to play with tose settings... maybe i turn it transparent ??

    I attach a screen shot so you can get some idea of what i am talking about.

    Kind regards,