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    Hi there,

    All of a sudden i face that problem. I've seen a few people here who had that exact same problem but no solution were avalaible.

    Tried everything i saw here and there on that forum but no luck, please advise.

    AND i can't submit a feedback ticket through the plugin since it does not load in sketchup because of the error.

    See attachment

    Woow, quite a help. Thanks a bunch Herbo I think the main problem is i have no "eyes" when it comes to render stuff. I can build anything but i'm sh*t rendring it. I didnt think any minute that i had to get a photo training of any sort, i thought it was more like "draw as much details as you can, then apply real quality textures, shoot up the render engine and voila". i noticed i spend way more time trying to render something than drawing the whole da*n building.

    It's kinda depressing when you spend a lot of time drawing (yes, i say "drawing" in sketchup) and when you render, you see it sh*tty like that.

    I really need to focus on texturing stuff better, setting up the scene, rendering.

    The repetitiveness and imperfections you can see on the red bricks and wall plaster are ok to me because the rendrs aren't meant to be that close to the building, i plan to stay at 5 meters min away from the building. Or maybe I'm wrong, again.

    I'm not a great fan of camera shots as if you were a bird. I prefer as if it were pictures taken from the ground, by a 1.80m tall guy.

    While i won't post in the showcase forum (i'm ashamed), here are some more pics, this is my country house I spend the weekends and holidays at.


    First of all, thanks for checking it up, I really appreciate that ;)

    HDRi, OK then, imma try some to see if it changes anything :)

    Regarding the grass, i know it looks way off. the design is a WIP, i just added some "ground" in order to sit the house on something rather than flying in the air ;)

    What can you say about the house itself ? :)

    Hello all,

    I'm having my next project, and spent a lot of time texturing and stuff. When i check how it goes at rendering, it looks off, not real-like at all, i don't know what to do better.

    All textures have bumps/reflections and so on when relevant. They all are at least 4K. I even draw brick by brick in some area of the building.

    I'm pretty sure it's mainly due to lighting and visual settings, and i'm no expert at all - ok i suck - in that part.

    Here are some closeup of the whole rendered image.

    What do i do wrong ? it's a bit dreadful when you spend hours trying to do something neat.

    OHAI, +1000

    (facing a lot of "invalid texture" with bumps/norm and roughness textures, even though i saved them as a .skm after i set the textures both in sketchup and in the enscape material editor)


    wouldn’t be nice to make some sort of a list along with grades for graphic cards, processors, memory etc., by everyone who want to contribute , and also you at Enscape ?

    It could be a good idea for people like me who are overwhelmed and can’t decide what to get to do our jobs.

    The article in the kb isn’t enough for me and I’m mostly afraid to buy stuff which is not powerful enough (I don’t need a top of the notch GC or CPU though) or worst, something that is not compatible.

    I think i put the finger on the prob. I use to render in ultraHD, it worked flawlessly until it came to render the exteriors. Decreasing to FullHD solved it.

    I draw and render on my laptop which is a Dell Precision 7510 with an NVIDIA Quadro M1000M.

    I maybe found the limitation of the graphic card : "No UltraHD exterior renders dude!"

    Hello all, i'm trying to render an exterior of some house, along with its garden, IES lights and vegetation scattered here and there, not a lot.

    It's not that big, around a hundred square meters.

    Every setting under Atmosphere / Illumination are set to default, so nothing fancy.

    The rendering goes smoothly at daytime, but as soon i set it at nightime, let's say 1.00AM, the rendering hangs for about 20 second, then the window closes, thus i can't render anything when it's nighttime oustide.

    I even tried to hide objects, lights, no luck, until it'd work, but no luck. Some view, zoomed in, work though, dunno why.

    Hi there!

    I’m drawing/designing a house and it’s now time to render it. I’m facing two problems for which I don’t know what’s happening and thus what I could do to get rid of it.

    My interior wall are painted with the SketchUp colour “Snow White “ that looks like a faded pink colour. In some of the rooms, the top corner of the walls look like they use some emissive colour. The wall used to stop right where the ceiling begin. I tried to build them higher in order to not let some outside light entering through. No luck. For what it’s worth I used an HDRI file as background for the scene.

    Also, using any HDRI files make the whole outside as bright as a thousand suns (the background image turns black and the outside walls of the house are flash white). Setting the sun as 0% in the visual setting looks ok for inside the house, but now the outside looks a lot dark.

    what the heck ? :D