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Reminder: If you encounter any issues with Enscape (including installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed here. Thank you for your understanding.


    Nice release, Demian!

    It works (till now ;) ) but some problems using Spacemouse. Inverting check box, semms to be have no effect.

    So, to navigate properly, I have to synchronize with VW Window and act through the VW window.

    What's wrong I do?


    Hi !

    Is there a chance to record a stereo video? Ok for stereo pano, but I need to reach out a stereo video pano. But could be enough a simple stereo video...

    Thank you


    My dear Damian!!!

    Thank you for your kind support.

    It seems to works correctly.

    Now, may I ask you to extend some extra time to let me to try Enscape om my Mac?

    I DON'T WANT TO TOUCH the license one my win PC, until I'm sure that Enscape 2.xx works with my MacBook M1Pro 16 Gb and Vectorworks 2023...

    So, please, let me to know what I have to do.

    Thank you again, Demian



    Something's wrong with my account. I'm unable to open a support ticket...


    Kaj Burival · Oct 11th 2023, 4:30 pm

    Hey Toscano , sure, whatever way you like. Feel free to reach out to our licensing team so they can reset your trial, you can do that here:

    Please create a support ticket and they will get back in touch with you. (This, by the way, are the same steps it would take for us to reset your license if, for some reason, you couldn't recover it from the Mac)


    The system doesn't recognize my pwd. Of course I pressed 'forgot pwd' and set a new pwd, but the system say again that pwd is incorrect..

    So, please, help me.

    Thank you


    Hi Kaj!

    Thank you for quick reply.

    Yes, I know, but I’rather not move because if I had some problems in moving back, I’d be in trouble.

    I think it is a curious things: I’m a licensed user, I don’t want to be dishonest but just to try, as a new user…

    Hope you’ll understand.

    Thank you.


    I'm a Mac and Vectorworks user, but as you know, I have to work under windows...:(

    Until now.

    It seems I'm unable to install Enscape on my M1 MacBook Pro.

    When I run SketchUp, I see the 2.0 splash window but I cannot use because the 14 days trial has been expired (I did a year ago just to check it does works) so I'm unable to understand if depends on expired trial license or some issue on Mac and Vectorworks 2023 sp7.

    So, could I have some extra time to run Enscape Mac/Vectorworks?

    I don't want move my license from win to Mac, until I've check it on Mac...

    Hope you'll understand.

    Thank you

    L. :)


    Everybody knows as wonderful Enscape is. Of course!

    But its animation module is simply 'nothing'; it is not worthy of Enscape. And it is a shame.

    I worked around 'archimovie' since 1986-87... I've tried to make something good by camera tracking sw. But the render engine was so slowly...

    Some time ago, I tried (and bought) CamTrackAR for my iPhone. Now wo can get a fully camera tracking in REALTIME.


    Change speech.

    What is the most important rule to achieve a photo quality animation?


    1) modeling

    2) texuring

    3) lighting

    4) ?

    what's the fourth?

    Let's go don't be shy...

    Ok, I'll tell you.

    The 4) point is camera movement

    The whole animation production is so booooring... same pan: left to right, Down to Up... same movement in or out...

    No, that's enough !

    So, we have one of the most beautiful render engine and we cannot produce a photo quality animation.

    It's sound very sad!

    Here's the answer .

    As you can see, I record a few of second using CamTrackAR then I did import the fbx file into Blender, run the script generated by CamTrackAR and that's all.

    Then, saved the file (just the camera track) as .abc (Alembic) and import it into C4D, and here's the result.

    The whole model is a joke, of course, the render is very rough but the result seems to be quite acceptable, just because the camera movement.

    Now, I might think about writing some lines of code to import the path file... but the roll axe is locked,

    Ok, my friend, it time to revamp the EAS: Enscape Animation System

    Thank you




    In your homepage, there is this picture. What does it mean? I could an exe with several solution?

    If yes, please, let me know how...

    Thank you



    Thank you for you help!

    My question was about the case of I've forgot to remove the license key; so I have just only machine (Mac or PC)...

    Vectorworks, when you run it on a machine, check if there is another another machine with the same license number.

    So we can run freely w/o any worries about the license.


    I strongly hope In the future it will be more easier.

    Thank you again.



    As usually, I work on a WS Dell RTX quadro 5000 mobile.

    But, when I'm abroad, I work on my MacBook M1 Pro 16/16 + Vectorworks 2023 (Sketchup 2022)

    Now the question:

    how to run Enscape on my Mac without having access on my Dell.

    Can I switch my SEAT license on Mac and return back ob Dell automatically?

    Thank you for your help!