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    Ok Julian, but it looks like a spot... If I were you, I'll try to review it.

    But, of course, it's my opinion...

    Anyway, thank you again for your 'support': I do appreciate so much. It makes me feel not alone...



    I know that sketchup is the preferred sw, but I'd like silently remember that I bought Enscape because of Vectorworks platform should be available...

    Thank you!


    Something's wrong. Square area, circular light!

    The circular, instead, doesn't works: when you set a circle as area light, it still remain visible in the render...

    Please, fix it!


    Hi to everyone Mac users!

    I'm too, since 1984. So, you could imagine how happy to come back to my Mac using Enscape.

    But there is a little problem: my machine is too old to run the newest OS. In fact I can't go over High Sierra.

    Now, what I ask you is: please, could you tell me about your machine? Processor and RAM, OS and model.

    In that way, I could buy the right Mac.

    I'm looking for a 14'' macbook because when I'm at studio, I could use my 28'' Samsung, but when I'm on the road, I do prefer a small computer; I think you could do agree. But I'm in trouble with the CPU/GPU: M1 pro? max? 16 GB? 32GB?

    I know: the more is better, but not for my wallet!


    I'll appreciate so much every sharing experience and configuration of your first bite to Enscape MAC.

    Thank you


    I'd like if you were add an Eyedropper to pick a specified material into the scene...

    I think it could be very useful. Isn't it?

    Thank you



    I do suppose you debug it on a Mac. Can I ask you which processor do you use? M1?, M1 pro? M1 max?

    SandyCohen desktop standalone (exe on Windows, something similar will be on Mac) runs the same Enscape engine as CAD plugins do, so the quality will be the same as you see while using Enscape with Sketchup.

    Ram? 32? 64? Of course the more RAM, the more performance... Isn't it?

    Well, after several days waiting for some helps from the forum and the DEVELOPERS, I, finally, reached a good result, that I WANT to share to the community.

    I've tried to render the models that were giving me problems and this trick seems to works fine.
    Have good renders!


    P.S. Are there some Vectorworks users? It seems not.

    Just a little update.

    I put an area light the same dimension of the window, exactly on the internal face, as shown in the picture.

    It seems to work...


    Ok. Nobody answer... Is that a good company?

    Anyway, go head!

    It seems that Enscape has problems in low-light situations...

    Here's some pictures. A very simple scene with a slim window so as to reproduce the problem.

    The internal box is shining, but if I enlarge the window, that effect is less noticeable.

    If I put an area light near the ceiling, of course, it works fine. Not the same if I put the area light outside the window: what I get is unacceptable as you can see.

    I've also tried the same scene using Sketchup and the result was the same.

    Now, what can we do? It seems that fix this bug, will take a long time... so, I need your help (to the forum) to put a 'patch'... some tips or tricks or advice to overcome this impasse.

    From left to right:

    small window

    enlarge the window

    area light near the ceiling

    Thank you.


    I can't believe that!

    My patience is almost ending.

    I'm an engineer and know how difficult is MAKE. Make anythings.

    People only knows how to criticize everything, because they know everything!

    They can't imagine how difficult is...

    So, I don't want criticize nothing and nobody, but it's time to spend some words about that issue.

    I ditched my VW and c4d (octane) workflow to switch to Enscape, but I think Enscape isn't mature yet. And this I am very sorry!

    My first post is 21st January, 5 month ago!

    I'm told that it was a GI problem and that it would fixed in the version 3.3.

    Anyway, just because I'm an engineer (civil), I've tried to UNDERSTAND the problem.

    So, after this issue, I put an area light to the ceiling and it seems to works. I've no more that issue.

    The problem is that I can't put the area light without artifact in the scene. I've also try to put sole arealigth out the windows, but the result is the same.

    Now the question is: could you manage this issue or I have to switch back?

    Please, tell me something even that I'm stupid. This silence does you no onor.

    I still believe in you...


    Lucio Liberi