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    I do understand your point of view. But I expect that when the Enscape team announced the Enscape for MAC, they are already working on they have to have some kind of "test bench" and maybe they already know that what is not enough and what might be enough...unfortunately most of the reviews for new Apple SOC /M1, M1pro,M1max/ are based on photo and video editing /I do understand why...the connection between Apple's HW and SW is the biggest power from my point of view/ but I see the new Apple chip era as a return for Apple to the PRO customer segment /I remember days something like 20 years ago, when its was cruical to use Mac for some PRO tasks also in AEC business...for example Archicad an Vectorworks were beautiful optimised for this OS.../ So we will see what future brings, but I hope that not long from now Apple will be back in business and I don't mean the fancy brand for youngsters...

    What I know is that UE5 (Lumion) works very well on M1Pro/Max... It's already works on Mac mini (M1)


    Maybe a stupid question: how to set the latitude in a project (VW).

    I use to put in the project, the VW sun... Is it correct?


    Can I use a 'brush' to 'paint' multiple assets? Of course, I'm speaking mainly around vegetation...

    Thank you



    I've spent several hours to install Enscape on newest 2022 of VW. I'm one year user and I have no more things to do to run Ensacpe.

    So, please, if there are people who can help me... I'm waiting for you!

    Thank you


    P.S. of course, on VW2021 it does works fine...

    Win 10, Intel Core i9 2.4 GHz, 32 BG, NVIDIA RTX Quadro 5000 Max Q


    As I wrote to the form, in my opinion, the quality is enough, but ANY asset is unuseful w/o materials editing.

    In other words: ok for that chair, but I need it a blue chair and not green! So I HAVE to create my own chair asset that is so much stupid thing because there already is a right chair for me... Isn't it?

    A good strategy, could be to copy the asset folder (wich I'm interested to) into my asset folder...Thank you


    Hello to everyone!

    After reading a post by Herbo (Using google maps 3d data in Enscape) I'd like to get a focus about Transmutr App.

    In particular, the Transmute capability to create an Enscape Proxy.

    So, I'm a Vectorworks user and as many knows, it is very lack in mesh management and I'd like to know more about that feature to let us import (quite) complex objects into VW project.

    Please, if anyone use or knows Transmutr, could you explain how to do it?

    Thank you


    Dear Demian, thank you for quickly reply...

    VW is a GREAT sw and I'm user since 1988 (MiniCAD) but it doesn't manage high quality objects (sofas, beds and so on...)

    To achieve the photo quality, we NEED beautiful textures and models, as you well know.

    Where could I vote for 'linked obj'?

    Have a nice evening.


    I strongly hope to be able to use the 'linked object' (proxy) as Sketchup already do...

    When do you think to be available for vectorworks too?

    Thank you



    I'm a Mac user since 1984. Maybe I've been the first user in Rome because at that time, I worked as programmers on Lisa and Apple sent me the very first one Macintosh, an 'American' model that was 60Hz and 110V to check and run the very first native programs on a Mac.

    So, you could understand my story over 30 years on a Mac.

    But, since Steve goes, our (architect or engineer) destiny as been changed.

    Last July I had to buy a Dell workstation to run Vectorworks and Enscape. I felt so sad... but that's the truth!

    Anyway, I'd like to have the chance to create the '.exe' for a Mac, more or less as any videogame do, Nvidia or Ati card on board.

    I strongly hope to run it on a Mac.

    Thank you



    I'm VectorWorks user.

    I think it could be useful putting the asset origin in somewhere else than the center. So I do in my own asset.

    I'm coming to explain that.

    In VW ( I don't know about other cad) when I pick an asset, I see its bounding box and not the placeholder. So it's very hard to put the asset in the right position and orientation.

    Some images could explain what I mean.

    As you can see, the first images is about the current definition and the last ones, what I do with my own...

    In that way, I know exactly how to place my asset..

    Here's it.

    . a simple sofa

    its bounding box (what I see in VW)

    placing the asset here!

    Thank you


    It could be very useful if we could switch between any combinations o layers:

    - just walls

    - walls + furniture 1

    - walls + furniture 2

    - and so on...

    Thank you


    Toscano , no worries though, no matter when it crashes, it would still be great to get a feedback report, please. :) This way we can let you know why it's crashing! And, we can find the cause behind it of course to resolve it as quickly as possible.

    Hi Demian!

    Often is not possible to send the report, because I've to reboot my PC.

    Anyway, some days ago, I've had a dialog to send the report and I did it. (Lautaro)

    Thank you again.


    PS. I think, it is time to release some patch or, please, tell me if I have to re-install 2.9.1

    In that case, I think I'll loose some asset coming with 3.0.0. Is that correct even I dowloaded them?


    Is there a way to create a View in Enscape EXE, saving the preferred visibility as layer or class?

    What I need is showing a flat without furniture and then showing the combinations as I set using layer or class visibility: that sofa and that table or the same table with a different sofa and so on...

    Of course, I've tried but what I get is just the 'current' settings visibility.

    Hope you'll understand what I mean.;)

    Thank you


    Me too! :(

    Hi Damian!

    I'm having a lot of crash, but there's no the same reason: looking for a symbol, or texture, hiding layers or class, running a macro (to display a set of layer o class...) in other words: I have no answers to say.

    I'm thinking to install back the 2.9.1 release...