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    I think I've fixed my problems.

    I do export in .obj format and assign SOLID color to the objects and then, using the editor, I set the materials. GREAT job!


    Render quality, due to the materials editor, I suppose.

    Next, I'm working around asset creator.

    I save my (c4d) model as .dae, then in Blender save it as .gltf2... But I'm still running into problems.

    Could you help me, Please?

    Thank you again for your job!


    PS. could it be useful add a proxy obj... isn't it?


    I'm in throuble with displacement and bump map.

    Using the early preview release, I did it in roofing that was working very well. At the moment I'm unable to get the same result.

    Of course I've tried to get it in many way but I'm still disappointed.

    So, here is the file...

    Thak you


    Dear Hans...

    I perform a complete reset of previous installations (the preview release and its VW palette) and now it does works. I've also updated the NVIDIA drivers...

    At the moment I'm still unable to get the translucent material, like a shadowlamp...

    Is there a way to get it?

    Thank you so much, your post encourage me to go haed in discovering Enscape for VW.

    Have a nice weekend!



    Working around VW-Enscape, I try to setup a visible light above a spot light, but I doesn't works to me. As a reference says, I did convert a small cylinder into a area light. But it remains off even with sky light is setting to night. Maybe is there wrong?

    Is there a way to texturing a shadow lamp?

    Thank you


    Ciao Hans!

    Thank you again for your reply and modified file.

    I do understand what do you mean about the support. I think you right!

    But, now, I have to choose my NEW workflow that means upgrade videocard, pc's and - of course - the sw.

    My render App, is c4d and Octane render and you could understand what a pain to trash 25 years of model and textured models...

    The current version of VW cannot manage meshed obj, like sofa, bed and so on. So I've to try and try and try again.

    Of course I know that Enscape is THE FUTURE, because it doesn't make sense - TODAY - waiting minutes and minutes for a SINGLE render shot (although it is so much realistic) or hours for a short animation... I know. And the VR too, is a good reason to migrate to Enscape, but I 've be pragmatic... hope you'll understand!

    Anyway, thanks alot for you support, Hans!

    Have a nice day


    PS I've just installed the 2.8 rel. I wonder what about material editor and asset window...

    Ciao Hans!

    First of all, THANK YOU for you reply: I do appreciate it so much!

    Here's the VW file and some screenshot of the Octane render about the file sent to C4D as it is, without conversion VW materials into Octane materials.

    So, as you can see, the glass (very very coarse) shows the refraction...

    Plus, any displacement or bump and shadow cast, (Enscape) is rendered.



    Ok. I'm interested in Enscape, but if the support is that, it could be better leave now...

    Is anyone who tell my somethings about glass?

    - I'm wrong?

    - It's still a beta?

    - That's the way Ensacpe manage glass...

    Thank you


    It could be nice, if the license, automatic stop itself (as Vectorworks do), after a while (say a week...) it doesn't run. In that case, if I'm abroad I could set on a laptop without remove on the desktop...

    Or, better, set it on laptop, disabling automatically on the desktop...

    Sorry for ma rough english, but I'm a little bit tired... :rolleyes:

    L. :)


    I'm thinking about a notebook, equipped with an Nvidia RTX5000; now the question is: does it works, or it could be better a RTX2080?

    Maybe, on case the chosen were the RTX5000, it could be possible to add a GPU expander... But I'm stil not sure at the moment.:/

    Thank you.