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    Ciao Hans!

    First of all, THANK YOU for you reply: I do appreciate it so much!

    Here's the VW file and some screenshot of the Octane render about the file sent to C4D as it is, without conversion VW materials into Octane materials.

    So, as you can see, the glass (very very coarse) shows the refraction...

    Plus, any displacement or bump and shadow cast, (Enscape) is rendered.



    Ok. I'm interested in Enscape, but if the support is that, it could be better leave now...

    Is anyone who tell my somethings about glass?

    - I'm wrong?

    - It's still a beta?

    - That's the way Ensacpe manage glass...

    Thank you


    It could be nice, if the license, automatic stop itself (as Vectorworks do), after a while (say a week...) it doesn't run. In that case, if I'm abroad I could set on a laptop without remove on the desktop...

    Or, better, set it on laptop, disabling automatically on the desktop...

    Sorry for ma rough english, but I'm a little bit tired... :rolleyes:

    L. :)


    I'm thinking about a notebook, equipped with an Nvidia RTX5000; now the question is: does it works, or it could be better a RTX2080?

    Maybe, on case the chosen were the RTX5000, it could be possible to add a GPU expander... But I'm stil not sure at the moment.:/

    Thank you.


    Regarding the movie: is the issue you are referring to that the sky appears too white? If this is a Skybox you have added, you can try adjusting the brightness in the Enscape Visual Settings -> Atmosphere tab.

    Hi, Helen!

    Thank you for reply.


    I mean... when the camera path is from external to internal scene, in general, we have to push up the exposure. In the posted movie example, on the sunset, (the sun is coming down) I need to increase the exposure, or increase the lumen value. But in general, I'd prefer to increase the exposure...

    I hope we could test the final release before the 31th October... ;) In that way we could make the right decision.

    Thank you again, Helen

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Have a nice weekend



    Every time I work around VW+Enscape, I feel to be a little be in love with it. :love:

    Now, some issue about area light and spot light.

    Here's the picture about spot light. It seems doesn't works correctly. In fact rising the value of lumen or lux, it doesn't affect the model...

    There is a little movie too.…5/Museo_03_small.mp4?dl=0

    As you can see, I need to increase the exposure upon the sunset. Can I do that?

    Thank you



    I'm very interested in Enscape, but...:/:/:/

    At the moment, my workflow is:

    VW -> c4d -> OctaneRender

    So, I'm getting pratics about mapping in VW and import mesh of furniture I've made in years using c4d, via obj or (better) 3ds, but I feel it something of painful.

    Now, my question is: will Enscape_VW perform the same features of Enscape_skp?

    What about materials? And lightning? Same features?

    Ok, you wrote that at the end of June, we'll get the props too, but I'm a little bit confused.

    I'm VW user since its name was minicad (1989) so, if I were to switch to skp, you could understand, that it can take so long time.

    Maybe, I need some more info.

    Hope you could understand me.

    Thank you


    P.S. Is there some standalone Enscape app?

    I fear, at the moment, that it doesn't works yet. :/

    In particular, I need to add spot, omni and 'emitter' material, like a monitor emitter or some strip led.

    Anyway, it seems to be a great engine.

    My workflow is, today, VW -> C4d+Octane render

    Octane is very very powerful, but it isn't RT, even using RTX cards

    Thank you for your help


    P.S. maybe the 'Enscape-2.8.0-preview.3+22363' new version could fix that?