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    It's impossible to me to import materials from the Enscape Material Library.
    I get en "Import Failed" pop-up message; "An error occured while importing materials. Some materials could not be imported".

    It seems to happen on every material from the library

    I use enscape version 3.3.2+82281 with Sketchup 2021


    I think I understand what you saying however maybe not. Base materials are embedding by default in SketchUp and to my knowledge, there is no workaround. That said there is nothing Enscape can do to change that as it's limited to the parent program. I'm imagining this request is due to file sizes. The embedded bitmaps do bloat your file and the fix really is using a more uniform bitmap size across your project. I don't know if this is the answer your seeking but let me know.

    You understand well.

    It has several advantages: lightening the file, using a material library located on your hard disk at a precise place, keeping the property of the texture images without any "leak" when transmitting the skp source file, ...

    Since textures can be enhanced in the Enscape material settings window, why wouldn't it be possible to change the diffuse channel path there aswell that would be rendered in the enscape rendered window while the enscape material would stay a UVmap grid for instance


    I’ve already posted about the subject but I don’t think you understood the point.
    Do you think that it could be in the improvement workflow to consider textures that would not be embedded in the sketchup materials ? It would rather be a path to textures defined in the Enscape material parameters but linked to a UVmap material in sketchup ?

    A kind of proxy for materials

    Hi Pieter,

    Right, I'm using the Material Tools sketchup plugin to do so.
    My opinion is that it is not a Sketchup matter because the more advanced texture are treated by Enscape, like Vray do.

    For instance when I receive a sketchup file that has been rendered in Vray, advanced vray material are not incorporated in the file, but a uvmap vray texture helper instead.

    The diffuse map, and other maps are managed inside vray by following the file path to the texture to render

    Thanks Demian,
    My concern is the opposite, I don't want to share the texture, but rather a uvmapping image instead. Like in Vray for instance
    For some reason:

    - Some texture are license protected

    - Other textures are the result of a long experience and is part of my know how. By sharing it, I'll have to find another job:-)

    Hi Rick,

    The section plane cut that is activated in the sketchup scene, is lost - or deactivated if you get back to the view by clicking the view name inside the enscape view manager


    I'm struggling with the new way of managing views and attaching presets to the view.

    By upgrading to the version 3 we lost the easy view management... You can't link enscape presets to the sketchup scene, unless you create a view from inside the enscape preview window, from the enscape "view manager".

    But if you create the scene from enscape's view manager, you lose the section that was defined in the sketchup scene

    So if you select the view in the EVM, you have the presets linked but not the sketchup section activated

    If you select the sketchup scene, the presets are not updated in the render window

    Another thing is that you can't edit an existing scketchup scene in the EVM and all scene are out of the view manager file list... as if it was not part of the file

    I'm experiencing the same feeling about the confusing presets save.

    Usualy I was testing presets and saved it when i was satisfied of the result, now, every move is overwriting the one that I found matching the view.

    To be fair, this new method was already in the beta.

    It's not only a new way of proceeding, now that you don't save presets but you rather create new presets from scratch, it's the fact that you don't can make tries without putting it into created presets. I'm not comfortable with that neither

    Another thing is that created presets list is not always shown and by changing some values you don't realize you're overwriting one of the config you didn't had to... I feel there is something to improve there


    I often have to share SketchUp model that i rendered. But i then have to replace material because it’s part of the experience I’ve build years to years and a single share of a SketchUp model would be enough to let the client render itself

    Vray materials are just inserted in the model as a uv map grid and materials are replaced when launching the render

    It would be a huge step if I could do the same with enscape

    Hi there,

    I'm experiencing the same issue as well. Excepted that some assets are invisible too.

    Some assets like for instance Aimee standing 2 is overscaled, but many others are not even rendered in the Enscape window

    I'm using sketchup 2020 and running the latest 3.0.0 Enscape version

    EDIT: And solved it thanks to the link in the last Demian post:

    I've deleted C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Temp\Enscape\Assets folder (making sure the hidden folder are shown)

    then relaunched the rendering, and everything is now fixed


    I've experienced this exact same problem too.

    I upgraded graphic driverd but it had no effect on the issue
    By unchecking RTX raytracing it finally worked for me