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    Thank you, that sounds wonderful! Perhaps it could just be a simple context menu item... like right click on component and choose something like "Export as Enscape asset"...

    In fact in my situation, changing my components to assets was not just an incremental improvement - I went from 25gb memory use to about 1gb. So from too heavy to even start to a nearly instant start and completely responsive motion.

    Thank you for your wonderful work!

    Well, now I tried making my own assets as this post by Pieter details:

    Tutorial: how to create custom Enscape assets

    Apart from some fiddling with PBR texture maps it was fairly painless. For any others in my predicament this turned out a great solution. Now I can plant 10.000 trees and the memory consumption stays the same. It made my day.

    But if the Enscape team is reading this, would it be possible in some iteration to make Sketchup components act as library assets? Or perhaps you have an asset creator on your todo list?

    Hello everyone. I hope you can help me.

    I have some custom made trees that are quite heavy (~20mb .skp files) and I notice that even if I import them as proxy components, every instance I put makes Enscapes memory use increase significantly. My model needs about 100 of these trees, but it seems that Enscape just can't handle them. I would think that component instances would not increase memory use, but apparantly they do.

    But I also notice that for assets from the library, no matter how many instances there are the memory use does not change significantly. Is there a simple trick to make components like this, or do I need to make my own assets following the undocumented procedure described in the asset library forum?