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    seems like that both linear and area light are not fully implemented yet.

    Although I believe that, as far as I know Vectorworks INC. this is a problem by Vectorworks itself.

    So that data from the Vectorworks API is not being transported to the Enscape Engine completely/correctly.

    Furthermore, i fear that cuz Vec inc. is often releasing features half build, completing them pretty slowly, this will take for sure a while to work like in SketchUp :(.

    your case worked for me .... but it seems still buggy (example attached)

    Here some other stuff i noticed already:
    Linear Light is not working if there are:

    + More than 2 corners

    + round corners

    + Start and Endpoint longer than around 4 meters apart

    the Lumen Entry in Vectorworks is not getting transported to Enscape.

    --> use Brightness Entry instead(in German Dimmer oder Helligkeit)

    Problem Linear Light see here:

    Linear Light Inside Symbol dont work

    Hi Escape Team,

    the doing of Normal Maps needs to be improved.

    Following Features regarding Normal Maps would help a lot:

    Flip Y Normals

    to Ez fix normal maps that are exported for DirectX instead of Open GL

    see here

    Import 64 Bit Normals

    Importing 64 Bit PNG Normal Maps dont work in the Material Editor. They get always interpreted as Bump Map.

    Intensity of Normals

    There is a slider but he is just doing nothing.

    Thank you all


    i assume this is a bug or a not completely implemented feature regarding Light Sources/Linear Lights inside symbols.

    Doing this with Spotlights etc. seems to work as it should.

    But if Linear Lights and Area Lights are inserted inside symbols the wont show up anymore.

    they only show up properly if they are inserted in groups or "raw".

    Are you aware of this problem/already planned to fix?

    Thank you


    i assume i found a reason why normal maps get sometimes interpreted as bump map.

    I had also an exported image from Substance Player. Substance exported this PNG in 64Bit. When i load that Normal map in it automatically turnt in a bump map. If the imported Image(in my case PNG) was 32Bit or less it was correctly interpreted as Normal Map.

    maybe that could be something to do with.

    Is this behavior already known or some kind of Bug Maybe ?

    Hi Demian,

    no. The placeholder Models in general are a great solution for Vectorworks. Vectorworks wouldn't be nearly as powerful in face models as required to display the real Assets in full quality. Anyway they could be a bit more visually appealing(max 300 faces per&a bit of texturized) but the doing and technic is great.

    What i want is just to get Assets Displayed even if the are inserted inside Symbols.

    So essentially the same wish as in this FORUM Post in November...

    Im using Vectorworks 2020 ... soon 2021

    Thank you


    it would be awesome if Enscape Assets objects could be inserted in Symbols and would be still visible in Enscape. This would be from both useability and performance a huge improvement to the current doing.


    Hi Toscano,

    i think some of those intelligent parametric Shaders we use in Vectorworks are not(yet?) compatible with Enscape. Thinks like Transparency Shaders eg. Glas works well in the meantime from my experience(2.8). Cause of that i often create bump maps for my textures in photoshop by myself and load it in as map entead of using the shaders included in VWX to get it appear in Enscape.

    But maybe some of the Enscape Stuff can clear thing up a bit at this point.

    Hello EnscaperUser/Team,

    i assume i found an error in Enscape with the glossiness/specular Map/Shader interpretation of Vectorworks Materials.

    In the following Link is a Online 3D Viewer of a decorative High Pressure Laminate Sheet(HPL) we use in or Company.

    After getting all Maps(Diffuse, Bump,Specular) from the Manufacturer

    i created the material in Vectorworks and renderered it with Vectorworks Renderworks.

    All fine. Everything works as expected and look like the Material in real.

    If i render this setup now in Enscape the Glossness is inverted. So all Spots that have to be mat are glossy and vice versa.

    To fix that i have to invert the Glossiness Map in the Vectorworks material so that all white areas(reflection in VWX) get Black und all black areas(matt in VWX) get white.

    If i do so Enscape is OK but VWX is now incorect cuz of the invertet Specular Map

    Is that a known issue or do i misunderstood here something?

    Thanks @all

    Greetings from Germany


    PS: all files attached so you can check yourself
    External Upload cz of 2MB Max Upload ...VWX Download