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    Interesting! I do think you can change this 'dynamic range' quite well with the shadow and highlight slider. But maybe thats just a small fraction of the matter.

    I think such a question is more for a rendering architect, maybe Clemens Musterle could share his light on the matter?

    Hey Enscape team,

    Would it be possible to have some feature request board, where all the requests which are pending are summarized for all members to see. (Like twinmotion has some nice board with functions they are focussing on, or which are stretch goals or in consideration.)

    And then from this list, we can add votes, maybe even add some sort of priority-levels.

    I might be mistaken, but I didn't find a lot of feature requests about UI changes from the community. I did find a lot of other backed requests, from what 'batchmode' is one of. Ofcourse the team can have their own views about what is the right feature to focus on.

    And to add, what makes me a bit unhappy is to see that someone like Herbo, makes a good statement on the UI changes, later he repeats himself in this very thread. Then JoH asks if 'we all' can explain what Herbo already mentioned twice, and after his third statement about this case, there is no answer at all.

    Let's hope the team is just to busy with development instead of answering.

    Don't get me wrong, I really love enscape and try to make a good business out of it, but I also want to express my displeasure respectfully.

    +1 for changeable textures

    And hopefully everyone had some nice Christmas days! And best wishes for the coming year!

    And Demian Gutberlet , hopefully it is ok to ask here since no one replied me here since the 16th of december:

    Are there any big features coming from the much requested community additions to the big 3.0 release? Because on the roadmap and previewlist I can only find UI changes and batch rendering option for VW.

    Any thing big like movement/interaction of some sort?:)

    Thanks Demian. I'm curious, since you speak about the future, and it almost sounds far away;) But isn't it about the same technique as what you have with fog? The volumetric light strokes/god rays.

    Or is it way harder to implement something like this, for spotlights for instance, like TM has. There it also works pretty lightweight and no heavy machinery is needed.

    Currently I am making a stage, and with video this already gives a great effect. I would love to see volumetric light though, just like the god rays through the mist. So the the client really can see the light beams! :)
    So +1 from me please!

    Thank you Clemens Musterle , for your answer and insight.

    Final questions: So my 8/16 cpu is also just chilling, is there any way to enhance this processing time? Because it is somewhat sad to see all the cpu and gpu power only being used for about 5 to 10%, during rendering. Or is this something I should just accept, because of all these hidden unmeasurable processes, and cannot be changed for now?

    And to close it off, would a RTX 3080 (which I hope to get in the coming 2 weeks) still matter alot then?

    Extra test:

    I just rendered a scene where it takes about 3 minutes with RTX on (gpu on 5 to 10%) and about 1 minute with RTX off (80/90% gpu)

    Edit: The problem is, the RTX version has way better reflections in the water, I will upload the difference in a moment. (I do know the sun is a bit higher at the rtx off one, but this shouldn't affect the reflections in the water.)

    Hey Clemens Musterle , thank you for your response.

    I understand that with a really light file, from the screenshot in my previous post, it wouldn't need much GPU power to render it. But the point I tried to make there, is that this is the same 'load' on my GPU as it is with a heavy file with millions of polygons. While previewing it goes around 50/65% but with rendering only around 10%, on 1080 or 4k resolution.

    So I did some extra testing, like I did in previous times, comparing non-rtx vs RTX enabled on a new project im working on. And this gave me strange results.

    I tested on 1080p / 30fps / ultra, a few times.

    With RTX, my cpu is chilling and gpu is around 10% load. When I start the process, it takes about 20 seconds from getting from black to the first good rendered frame and then it goes on, which takes 55 seconds in total to render a short clip from a few seconds.

    I turned off RTX, restarted enscape ofcourse, saw that my gpu went to around 100% during previewing and rendered the exact same clip with the same settings. It only took 5 seconds to get to the first good rendered frames and took a total 33 seconds to render the total clip.

    Redoing everything got the same results. This is totally in constrast to what I measured in the past.

    An extra test while trying to render on 4k, same results, rendering (RTX on, only around 5 to 10% gpu load)

    EDIT: I have just ordered an RTX 3080, so I hope there is use for the extra RT/tensor cores and such, and not that the 2070super would already be sufficient on it's own.

    Hey guys, I was checking out some stuff of my system and found out that my GPU isnt even been maxed out at all.

    I have a 2070 super and was rendering a slightly heavy file and an small one. But during previewing the bigger file, my gpu usage went up to 50 / 75% while losing quite some fps on a large screen. With the smaller file, the gpu also went up around 50/75% activity during previewing, and fell down around 15% with rendering. Just as it did with the bigger file. Rendering 30fps ultra on 4k. No upsampling/no auto resolution/RTX raytracing on.

    This wasn't the case in the past (2.7, where I made some RTX performance tests, and posted them here, against my former 1660 super card)

    I have the latest game ready drivers installed, in case you are wondering.

    Why isn't the gpu around 80 to 100% active while previewing and/or rendering?