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    This is exactly the kind of thing that worries me, zero response. As much as like Enscape it is giving me bad vibes about how it values its customers and whether they're even going to attempt to stay relevant. My staying or going depends on receiving a reasonable response from them - I don't expect them to leak any corporate secrets, just some kind of reassurance would be great.

    Anyone who has been in a relationship where the partner withdraws from them and barely speaks recognises when things are coming to an end, I'm getting that feeling now. Don't leave me Enscape, I love you, just think of all the good times we've had together, we can both change! ^^

    Unfortunately it has been already 3 weeks without any reaction from Demian Gutberlet or someone else from the Enscape team. I guess our 'complaints' / 'wishes' are not worth a response even though the purpose of this critique is 'to make Enscape better' and the aim to stay with it.

    I have requested a few features via the portal, but my question is, how can the team know how important features are for users, if these are not showing up in the portal? Users cannot vote how important/critical it is for them.

    I understand that not every request can be up there, but I believe some of these requests I did (see below) at least 1 or 2 have to be critical/important to a lot of users

    • Decals like dirt, damage, leakage etc for extra realism and to break texture tiling (d5, lumion example)
    • 3d procedural texture like grass but then for hedges with different kinds of leaves etc. So custom shapes can be easily made (like lumion)
    • Aging slider for aging of materials (like lumion)
    • Round edge (like d5 render)

    Or is it the idea to again put it here on the forum instead of the portal?

    Hey Enscape-team,

    I've came across a reflection bug.

    Latest drivers installed + 3.4.1 enscape + RTX 3080 with all settings on + ultra.
    In the reflection you don't see the right cut-out transparency masks from the tree. See below.

    Any clue how to fix?

    (The arrow is the tree being reflected in the glass)

    I must say I totally agree with the quote ‘the skill of artist is more important than the software itself.

    But last months I was fiddeling with d5 pro to see how the workflow goes in our company. And I must say I am very impressed with their quality and options, but most of all their incredible update speed. In the last months they have added:

    Round Corner/Volumetric clouds/Rain/snow/parallex images/moving characters/cars and so much more while the quality is high and the tool so diverse. If I then look at the updates for Enscape which were mainly focussed on UI (it seems), it does push me in the other way. Also the pricing gap is getting larger. But still I prefer Enscape as my main tool.

    But I do feel with all the other things the competitor is having in stock, things which are being requested for years already on this forum, Im slowly getting pushed more in their direction.

    Lets hope Enscape is stepping up bigtime! Because I still really like Enscape’s power and speed.

    You can make the material foliage and add light objects so it will create the gradient you are looking for.

    An example from me. (the lights not perfectly placed, but you catch the idea.)

    Hey Demian Gutberlet ,

    Thanks for your feedback. The reason I and the client find the shadow in the corner more realistic, is because there is not 1 window in this room and only artificial (low) lighting, so it supposed to be a bit darker in the corners. Like in a real world example, it would also look more like the preview.

    But the shadow is luckily a 'smaller' problem, colour is more important.

    And this second issue remains, I have changed the colour exactly to what the client wishes for. In the preview it is correct but while rendering it changes. The render is inside a dark box (cellar) and the sun is down (nighttime) and only artificial light applies. Is there is possibility to keep the high quality render with the same colour as I have in the preview?

    Hey everyone,

    I am rendering some indoor rooms and I both get different colours and shadows when I render it (ultra) compared to the preview (ultra).

    Left is the PREVIEW and right is the RENDER.

    1. the shadows are more real in the preview compared to the final render, it gets to bright in the render.

    2. The color changes, while I am having it 'perfect' in the preview, the render makes it more towards pinkish, or atleast different. :(

    To clarify the problem, I have pushed the shadows to 100% to see the difference the best.

    I first saw some weird shadows with some plants, apparently they don't let 'the light through' the alpha layers, while others do.

    To Illustrate I have 4 examples. The first and third are with raytracing, the second and fourth are WITHOUT. (all on ultra)

    EDIT: I found out that the one which is not letting the light through, has been added through Enscape itself. The correct one has been added via Sketchup.

    EDIT2: Weirdly I cannot reproduce the issue. When I have it again, I will return.

    With raytracing: At the fountaingrass, it is very hard/squared. Also inside the grass-part itself it gets very dark because of this. The vase has perfect lining.

    Without raytracing

    Second pair of examples below.

    With raytracing


    I want to create this feeling of led strips. When using just luminant textures, the whole file gets overflown with weird spots and sparkles, so this is not an option. So I need to use line or rectangle lights. The problem with lines is sometimes its either too thick or it shines to all sides, so I really need thin long rectangles.

    And then I get this problem, I have this more often and is really annoying. Any clue how to fix this or is this just a bug?

    To clarify the image: the light source (rectangle) is 3 meters long and about 17 cm away from the wall, but the result is just super small, like it is only 50 cm long.