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    Thank you for your response.

    As mentioned in the DM of the video you saw, only the ends of the lights/lamps have emissive surfaces.

    I have not before encountered this problem in 2.7 and have now in 2.8.

    My gfx card (2070 super) is still up to date. ;)

    When I am home I will try to see if removing the emissive surfaces will help.

    Is there a possibility that we have a choice of grasses in the future? Because to be honest, I liked the 2.7 grass more, so for now I have installed the old png again, which mainly does the trick to fill up the holes again.

    Thnx Demian, for your response. I started using enscape during 2.7 without sliders for normal maps. Applying a normal map resulted in correct usage.

    With 2.8 these pre saved materials are now all resetted to 0% (normal slider)

    Hey guys, another new bug in 2.8.

    It sounds lovely, but unfortunately it aint.

    From the ground pebbles, to the walls, alot of sparkles pop of for a short moment and slowly dissapear. (in video rendering)


    Hey everyone,

    I am now working with 2.8 for two days and I wondered. Do I have to resave all the textures to get the normal mapping to 100%? Because this is correct when I hit 'reset to default' but out of my self-made library it is first automatically set to 0% (while in 2.7 it was applied correctly)

    Hey everyone,

    I really don't want to be complaining, since I can understand how much time you guys are putting in the development of this great piece of software, but I do want to point this one out.

    In the past version 2.7 the grass was filling up the whole area very even and it looked like freshly shaven grass. (Which is what my customer really wants). Now, even with variety on 0 and grass on 0 or 15 or 30, etc. it looks like there are all 'holes' in between the plumes because the grass plumes are bigger. For wild grass this is nice, but for a lawn, not so much.

    Is there a quick fix for this? Or should I just re-install 2.7?

    EDIT: Extra photo to point out the holes as well.

    Hey guys/girls, does anyone know a good VR tour app which does support stereoscopic images and can be supported by an android based VR goggles? (I am using PICO 4k G2 goggles in this case.)

    Thanks Demian,

    Here you go!

    Edit: I see some are also without errors. Shall I get them out for you or can you find it out easily yourself?



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    I'm working quite a part of the day with 2.8 which is really nice! But do you guys also have a lot of crashes when turning on/off tags. I guess it's my sixth so far.

    Enscape tries to update with the new tags on or off and freezes.

    I think it is more a Sketchup thing then a Enscape thing perhaps, but hopefully someone know the answer.

    I have had this issue with previous projects, at some point everything which I import or draw automatically becomes a material color. Even if I have selected for example WHITE, it turns in this case to a black color. Also when importing an asset, inside SU it has this black color instead of the default 'white default' color.

    Does anyone know what happened?