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    Hey Herbo,

    I was kinda hoping you would react, since I have seen your wonderfull work and I know you are very familiar with these tools.

    The video recording was already lagging a bit, because the Enscape grass works like a charm. But I would say 60+ to 120 fps, but I can't measure, it just looks very smooth.

    But the standard Skatter grass which I used as a model in this videotest, made it tear down the performance to like 5/10 fps, like you are mentioning. And as you could see it was just 9817 objects of Skatter grass + 1 oak.

    My purpose will be for clients to walk through pretty large models and some places will be up to 5.000 m2 and some even up to 10.000 including landscaping + architecture, so I guess 'that amount of detail' is off the table...

    I will try the RTX off setting to see if it works better. Maybe I was expecting a bit too much unreal engine 5 stuff with Enscape. Where they claim to have pretty much limitless geometry (over billions of polygons).8)

    Before I share my problem, I must say that Sketchup does really often freeze alot in bit bigger projects, for 3 tot 15 seconds sometimes, and GPU/RAM/CPU is not peaking at all, so I don't know what is happening there. Maybe this has to do something with it.

    So today I'm testing out Skatter and see how good it works with Enscape/Sketchup since I read alot of people are pretty happy with it. But long story short, my computer just barely can take it. Because I have created a flat plane of 50 by 50meters with 1 Oak in the middle. And as soon as I add some grass (or other elements) via skatter to the canvas, my computer just struggles so much.

    I have Ryzen 7 1700x with 32gb ram and a RTX 2070 Super (newest drivers) working together.

    I've created a screen video capture (you can just press play and don't need to download it) to show how slow it becomes. First just normal and as soon as I add skatter stuff, it happens. I hope this is not 'normal' because for me it looks unworkable. ->

    So how are you using the Asset Library?
    Currently I am using it quite a lot (just starting up) for spicing up different scenes, interior and exterior, which I want to introduce to my customers. Unfortunately I do have to rely often on the 3d warehouse or other places for 3d models, because I cannot change fabrics/materials/colors from the current assets.

    Are you using the search bar, categories or tags? / Do you always know exactly what you are looking for?
    Oftenly I do know what I'm searching for so I try to type in something I would like to find. But I see some keywords don't show what I want, even when they are in de description of the asset. For instance: type in VR to see and find the lady holding the goggles. Also not all outdoor furniture can be found under categorie outdoor.

    Often when I try to add different kinds of accessoires, I just scroll through the items. Which oftenly slows down my workflow because I have internet through fiberwire, but still the assets oftenly load pretty slow.

    Is your asset browsing more likely to be focused on a style (e.g. 'wood'), a topic (e.g. 'chair') or related to the project context (e.g. 'construction')?
    For now I search more on topic + context relations.

    EDIT: Big compliments to the Enscape team for listening to the community, one of the reasons I want to invest more in Enscape instead of other tools! :)

    I saw this video from a few years ago and this could really fasten my workflow and I guess for many others too. Procedural textures for leaves/hedges, etc.

    And if possible for things like longer grasses and such as well.

    Is something like this on the agenda? :) if not, I would like to make this request.

    I don't know if this already has have been mentioned, but in the .exe export I see the grass sizes have changed. I guess to the default setting of 30/30.

    Because I have created some really short grass and really rough/long grass and in the Enscape view, it looks how it should. But with the .exe export, the sizes change again.

    Is this a know problem? Hope there is an easy fix which I haven't found yet.

    Hey Demian, thanks.

    But does this mean that next to the 15% extra speed (but also 37% more expensive) there is also extra speed because of the RTX optimalisation?

    EDIT: I have purchased the 2070 super, let's see how it goes. I hope the RTX optimalisation even surpasses the 'standard power gain' compared to my current 1660 super.

    Hey everyone! I hope someone has the right answer to my question. I have an idea but I just want it to be confirmed before I spent more money on it.

    Recently I have upgraded from a 1050ti (which already worked with SU + Enscape quite ok on high settings) to a 1660 super. Rendering times were about half the time (rtx off) so I'm pretty happy with it. But I wondered, since I installed this NON rtx card, which does still support RTX via the driver update. And also after installation, enscape had RTX enabled automatically on start up. But with rtx on, the rendering times were almost equal to the 1050 ti (with rtx disabled).

    So I wonder, if I return the card and upgrade even further to a 2060 super/2070... will there be quite a diffeference because of the real RTX hardware?

    And if so, then these cards also have quite an advantage over the 5700(xt) cards right?

    From…ia-geforce-gtx-1660-super :

    And, it's also important to note that this GPU doesn't have the RT and Tensor cores that the RTX 20-series of Turing graphics cards have. This means that while you can technically enable ray tracing, it's going to turn whatever game you try to enable it on into a slideshow – more so than it does on any other graphics card.

    Adrian Renner

    Great work and I look forward seeing the whole bunch which you created at Enscape.

    I do agree with Pieter though, and I also hope we have the abillity soon to change materials/colors. This would make me use more Enscape objects instead of other warehouse models.

    Hey Demian,

    That would be awesome.

    And are you guys planning it so that it automatically creates a lowpoly version like the Enscape assets themselves or that we can make an own low poly version? I hope I am not overasking anything. ;)

    Looks like SU and Enscape are giving me new possibilities for my work since corona did some damage to my (event)filming & design, so I am already super thrilled with all the possibilities so far! :)