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    Enscape 2.90, some light types aren't working still.

    Working, and casting shadows:

    - spot lights

    - point lights

    Not working as expected:

    - linear lights behave like point lights

    - rectangular lights behave like point lights, too

    Not working:

    - directional lights

    A partial workaround is to use object lights (meaning some geometry with an Enscape emitter material). However, shadow casting won't work then.

    These are serious shortcomings regarding lighting tools. Can we expect a fix anytime soon? The initial post was more than 2 years ago!


    This problem still persists. Got a scene with a building and use worksessions to attach the (huge) context, a textured mesh.

    The textures show up in Rhino, but in Enscape the materials remain white. Pressing the start button again does not help.

    Version 2.90+32212


    Can't wait! Enscape is the only reason I have to stick to Rhino 6 (the other important plugins, VisualArq, Lands are supported in R7 already).


    Every parameter has this ellipsis which brings up a tiny menu to enter the value numerically.

    When doing so, the input fiel pops up quite far to the right.:

    Could you please fix that glitch? It's been there for quite some time.

    Or, even better, how about simplifying that slider usage and show the input field on top of the slider? Like it 's done in the rest of Rhino.

    CTRL-click (or something) could be 'Reset to Default', then you could ditch that ... menu, which is sort of clumsy anyway.

    Thanks a lot!

    Best regards



    Quick question (which you knew would come):

    What's the status on Enscape support for Rhino 7? It's in beta alreay, and the release is coming up.

    Enscape is important for out workflow here, and since R7 brings a lot of helpful features, we would like to upgrade soonish.

    Thanks a lot!


    Just did this simple test scene with Enscape 2.8, using an Enscape Default material for glass. Did I set up something wrong, or why are the refractions not working?

    Also, the texture mapping of the 2D Checker material still translates wrongly.

    Hardware: Nvida GeForce RTX 2060 Super

    Thanks for looking into this!

    Thanks, Pete!

    Fair enough! Good to hear you don't rule it out.

    Of course animation also makes sense for a renderer focused on archvis. First and foremost camera paths, cars, vegetation, people (like in Lumion), elevators, sunscreens, funky buildup animations...


    Big +1 from me, too, for Bongo support!

    As a workaround, the camera animation can be transferred key by key to the Enscape timeline, but that's not so cool...

    Please think about it! Bongo, despite it's somewhat funny name, is a good tool.

    Edit: Intersting to know: Bongo even supports animated textures...



    Just tried again - it crashes.

    Try this png texture:

    What I just did:

    - Open Enscape (or later, does not matter).

    - Create a plane, assign a new material, put the texture in the Transparency slot.

    - Enscape shows the transparent cross correctly.

    - In the material, go to the Transparency map options, click 'Invert'.

    - Enscape and Rhino crash.

    It does not make much sense to send you a file, because it's so trivial.

    Hardware: nVidia Geforce RTX 2060 Super, latest drivers (442.19).

    Will use the feedback button also.



    Steps to reproduce:

    - In Rhino, create a plane surface.

    - Assign a new material, type Custom.

    - In Material Properties > Textures > Transparency, load some image (I tested PNG, TGA - both crash).

    - Start Enscape. The surface is displayed correctly, with transparency.

    - In the properties of the transparency map > Output Adjustment, change anything. Click OK.

    - Enscape crashes with a fast exit, including Rhino.

    Thanks for looking into this!


    I'd like to vote for a separate alpha channel for export, too.

    It might be possible to extract the alpha from the black background in matID or objectID channels in Photoshop or Affinity Photo, with some color range or magic wand tool, but that can be quite fumbly, and you loose some anti-aliasing precision.

    So please, it's a super low hangig fruit, and helps us!



    Rhino 6, Enscape 2.7.1. The preview window displays 2-point-perspective correctly, but when I render to file, it results in a 3-point perspective.

    Did I miss a switch, or is there a bug?

    Edit: this is only the case when synchronizing in turned on.

    Thanks a lot!